Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day DIY

Hey ladies,

Father's Day DIY - Upcycled, reclaimed and hopelessly stretching for something different.

This past week, I was telling Mrs. W and Mrs. K that I was going to make a stenciled tie with our 3 boys' hand prints on it, for my man!  His uncle has one from eons ago; he wears it every year on Christmas Eve ... it's really cute, little worn out and a nice tribute to his beautiful kids! 

However, I was feeling guilty about only having 3 kids on there and not 4 (expecting trouble maker #4 in 2 weeks).  So, I came up with something new.  I saw this on pinterest and thought, I could do 3 hands now and the 4th upon arrival.  PERFECT! 

So I started off by borrowing this fine looking piece of art from our playroom!  I actually really like it, but I have had it forever and I am "shakin" things up around here. 

Then, prep began.  I grabbed fine grit sandpaper, a paint sample from our sons' bedroom and my trusty brush. 

(Suggestion:  Spend a little more money on a great angled brush.  The cost is double a cheap one, but if you clean it after your uses with a brush comb ... it will last for a long time.  This one has been around for about 5 years).

Sad thing, the longer I look at the sign the more I still like it.  Oops, too late!

I let it dry, sanded it a little more to give it that "what, this old thing?!?" look.  And then, I called in the troops and swore them to secrecy until Father's Day.  The true test:  their dedication to our little surprise.  I give it til dinner!

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderfully hardworking, laundry folding, lawn mowing, Dr. visiting Dads.  We couldn't do our job without YOU! 

Side note:  My husband really wanted one of these.  Sorry bud, next year is just around the corner!
Thinking of dads,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dangerous Dad's Day

Hey Girls -

So, I think I may have Father's Day gift-giving-issues.  I'm noticing a very dangerous pattern in the gifts I'm giving to my husband.  Take a look.

Last year, my boys presented their father with this book.

I purchased it because I saw my husband looking at it when we were at Barnes and Noble.  He was laughing when he read it.  My gift-giving mind was like, "Cool.  I'll get him that."  So, I did.  I even staged a dangerous act so we could glue this picture on the field notes page next to the page titled "Dam up a Creek."

The book includes suggestions like put strange stuff in the microwave and make a rope swing.  For the most part, the book has been on a shelf for almost a year, until I heard a little ruckus during a rain storm.  I was upstairs.  When I came downstairs the kitchen cupboards were open.  Here's why.

There was actual hail pinging off that mixing bowl!
My dangerous Dad's day pattern continued this year.  Truth be told, it was an impulse buy.  I saw this posting on Living Social:

Rochester Air Center
They've golfed, skied, even cruised, but one thing lots of dads and grads have always wanted to do is fly high in the sky. And today's deal can finally get them off the ground: Spend $95 for a Learn to Fly introductory flight package at Rochester Air Center.

It seemed like an awesome adventure.

Before I knew it, I was clicking on purchase.
Then I came to my senses!  What have I done?  I love my husband.  He's a great father.  Do I really want him flying a plane?  NO!  Darn you Living Social and your too-good-to-pass-up-I-didn't-even-know-I-could-buy-that deals!  I've learned my lesson though ... next year I'm giving him golf balls just like every other sensible wife out there.

Living dangerously,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bird, Bird, Bird. Bird is the Word.

Dear Girls,

Look at this fun little birdhouse I picked up from Home Goods for $7.99.  I kind of love this because a.) it cost less than a Starbucks order and b.) it looks like it was handcrafted by some cool artist (is that redundant?  Because I kind of feel like cool and artist go hand in hand...but I digress).  The great part about my birdhouse is that I put it up this morning and later this afternoon, while I was sitting outside, I watched a tiny bird fly in!  Can you blame the bird?  Who wouldn't want to live in this posh pad? It's totally going to be featured on Apartment Therapy.  And then Nate Berkus will be all, "Birdhouses are what your yards are missing."

My Sweet Bird Retreat

You know I have a tendency to get on kicks.  So after I found my birdhouse, well, check these out:  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Yes, I Want Cheese With This.

Dear Girls -

Allow me to whine.  Please?!  We cancelled cable several months ago in an effort to save money.  For starters, why haven't we won the lottery yet? WHINE.

Most days I am perfectly okay with this cable-axing decision.  The cable rates are CRAZY.  And there is part of me that just out of principle, gets miffed.  Why isn't there any choice?  Why can't I order my television ala carte?  I really only want a couple stations.  My husband has explained the reason I can't order ala carte several times but I feel like there must be a flaw in his logic.

We did decide to get Netflix and that works great for the kids (they can watch "Phineas and Ferb" any time they want!).  And we watch different shows on Hulu.  But I'll be honest, lately I'm really missing cable.  Like how I miss being able to wear two piece swimsuits and sleep in past seven in the morning.

I knew it was bad when one night I couldn't sleep and ended up watching a Roy Orbison concert on PBS.  I watched an ENTIRE Roy Orbison concert.  Don't get me wrong, I love "Pretty Woman" but it hurts when I know somewhere Sarah Richardson is picking fabrics, Jon Hamm is sipping a cocktail and some housewife in some swanky town is likely flipping tables!  What I meant to say is I am missing a ton of educational documentaries on CNN.

The weekends are particularly long without cable.  Unless you're a die hard sports fan or a lover of infomercials, you are in trouble.  I get it Cindy Crawford.  You look as young as you did twenty years ago.  I've seen that one too many times.

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