Monday, August 27, 2012

Backyard Beach Playdate!

Hey girls,

Unlike you both, I am a bit terrified of hosting large parties.  I like to have mini-parties or an occasional really grand playdate.  To celebrate the end of school I thought I would surprise my kindergartner and a couple of his friends with a Phineas and Ferb backyard beach mini-party.  We love Phineas and Ferb!  We are constantly jamming to their tunes..."There's 104 days of summer vacation..."

Ok, I am not a master baker or cake decorator but I thought I could try and craft a Perry the Platypus cake.  This was pretty simple.  I saw this "recipe" online.

Here's what you need:
1.  One Poundcake.  I bought the frozen Sara Lee light variety. (this doesn't feed that many so if you have more guests and are like me, I'd probably buy cupcakes to supplement.  I'd figure it serves around 8 people).
2.  One Tub of Vanilla Frosting
3.  Blue Food Coloring
4.  Orange Chocolate Melts (I bought a package of Wilton Orange Candy Melts)
5.  Graham Crackers (Approximately 4)
6.  2 Big Marshmallows / 2 Chocolate Chips (for the eyes)

Here's How You Assemble (yep, assemble, not bake) The Cake:

1.  Mix some blue food coloring into your vanilla frosting.  I just eyeballed until I thought it looked like Perry's color.  

2.  Take your poundcake out of the freezer and frost a small top coat.  It will be crumbly.  Let that set in the fridge for a half hour and then begin frosting again.  *TIP*  Place wax paper around the bottom of the cake before you start frosting.  Then you can pull away later for a smooth frosting-free surround.  I totally stole that from Martha.

3.  Pull out the graham crackers.  I used two piled on top of one another (that I carved a bit with my knife) for the beak.  Then one for the tail.  I also used graham crackers for the limbs.  

4.  Melt your candy in the's the easiest way. I eyeball this too.  I just poured a bunch of orange melts into the bowl and microwaved to the point where they were just starting to melt (30 seconds).  There are directions on the bag but I've found that all microwaves vary. 

5.  Dip your beak, tail and back feet into the orange chocolate.  You might need a knife to help spread over the entire surface.  Then while still wet, attach the beak, tail and back feet.  

6.  Frost two small bits of graham crackers for the front feet and attach.

7.  Take two marshmallows and poke a hole in them with a knife where you'd like to place your eyeballs.  Take the chocolate chips and put a dab of frosting on the point.  Then place on the marshmallow (into the hole)

8.  Voila...Perry the Platypus cake!

I realize I won't win a Food Network challenge with this one but my five year old LOVED it. 
 As Ina Garten would say, "How easy is that?"028

These ocean cups were blue jello and some sort of oceanic (I think "oceanic" makes it sound more sophisticated) gummy.  Also, I took a graham cracker (since I had already used some for the Perry cake) and crumbled it all over everything to make it look like sand.  Get it, sand?  Because it's a beach?  

When I was in the bulk candy section of the grocery store I noticed they had chocolate shells.  Sweet.

I tried to have SOME healthy snacks at our get together.  I like bright colors.  
Bright = beachy in my mind.  Just go with it.  

I went to the Dollar Tree to scope out some "Backyard Beach" items.  They had these little umbrellas.  I think they're pretty fun.  I may use them randomly for orange juice in the morning.  Notice a semi-deflated beach ball in the background?  I picked up a bunch of one dollar beach balls.  Shockingly some of them weren't of the highest the ones that sagged a bit I just threw on the table.

I decided to be all fancy pants and label the food last minute.  I think food labels kick your party up a notch.  I printed up cards on the good ole' laptop and then threw some P&F stickers on them.  

This is my variation of trail mix...beach mix.  It has pretzel fish, chocolate shells and ocean gummies.

I turned on the sprinkler for a fun afternoon in the sun and let the kids kick around beach balls. 
(Ignore overgrown lawn)  

While I was at the dollar store I scooped up some bubbles.  My kids never get sick of bubbles.  

So that's me...being cool mom again.  It's a tough job but, well you know.   Yay for summer vacation!  

Talk soon!

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Bridge said...

You are a regular Sandra Lee! Love the tablescape, but tell me, where's the matching oceanic cocktail?

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