Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bird, Bird, Bird. Bird is the Word.

Dear Girls,

Look at this fun little birdhouse I picked up from Home Goods for $7.99.  I kind of love this because a.) it cost less than a Starbucks order and b.) it looks like it was handcrafted by some cool artist (is that redundant?  Because I kind of feel like cool and artist go hand in hand...but I digress).  The great part about my birdhouse is that I put it up this morning and later this afternoon, while I was sitting outside, I watched a tiny bird fly in!  Can you blame the bird?  Who wouldn't want to live in this posh pad? It's totally going to be featured on Apartment Therapy.  And then Nate Berkus will be all, "Birdhouses are what your yards are missing."

My Sweet Bird Retreat

You know I have a tendency to get on kicks.  So after I found my birdhouse, well, check these out:  

This driftwood house is from Crate and Barrel for $39.95

These whimsical beauties are from Mackenzie Childs.   They range in price from $170-$195.  When I win the lottery I am going to dot our property with these just because.

I love the upcycled, fun creations of Etsy seller bluedogfood.  They are priced at $99.00

And this one (below) is from Etsy seller Any Old Iron.  He uses reclaimed barnwood.

Anthropologie has these sweet little pods that range from $24-30 bucks.  

I've also seen some really cute houses at Tuesday Morning and TJMaxx.  I think they're a fun way to add some pizazz to your yard.  Yea, I just said pizazz and I made jazz hands when I said it.  Don't judge.   Next up, fish tanks.  Just kidding. 


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