Monday, June 11, 2012

Dangerous Dad's Day

Hey Girls -

So, I think I may have Father's Day gift-giving-issues.  I'm noticing a very dangerous pattern in the gifts I'm giving to my husband.  Take a look.

Last year, my boys presented their father with this book.

I purchased it because I saw my husband looking at it when we were at Barnes and Noble.  He was laughing when he read it.  My gift-giving mind was like, "Cool.  I'll get him that."  So, I did.  I even staged a dangerous act so we could glue this picture on the field notes page next to the page titled "Dam up a Creek."

The book includes suggestions like put strange stuff in the microwave and make a rope swing.  For the most part, the book has been on a shelf for almost a year, until I heard a little ruckus during a rain storm.  I was upstairs.  When I came downstairs the kitchen cupboards were open.  Here's why.

There was actual hail pinging off that mixing bowl!
My dangerous Dad's day pattern continued this year.  Truth be told, it was an impulse buy.  I saw this posting on Living Social:

Rochester Air Center
They've golfed, skied, even cruised, but one thing lots of dads and grads have always wanted to do is fly high in the sky. And today's deal can finally get them off the ground: Spend $95 for a Learn to Fly introductory flight package at Rochester Air Center.

It seemed like an awesome adventure.

Before I knew it, I was clicking on purchase.
Then I came to my senses!  What have I done?  I love my husband.  He's a great father.  Do I really want him flying a plane?  NO!  Darn you Living Social and your too-good-to-pass-up-I-didn't-even-know-I-could-buy-that deals!  I've learned my lesson though ... next year I'm giving him golf balls just like every other sensible wife out there.

Living dangerously,

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