Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day DIY

Hey ladies,

Father's Day DIY - Upcycled, reclaimed and hopelessly stretching for something different.

This past week, I was telling Mrs. W and Mrs. K that I was going to make a stenciled tie with our 3 boys' hand prints on it, for my man!  His uncle has one from eons ago; he wears it every year on Christmas Eve ... it's really cute, little worn out and a nice tribute to his beautiful kids! 

However, I was feeling guilty about only having 3 kids on there and not 4 (expecting trouble maker #4 in 2 weeks).  So, I came up with something new.  I saw this on pinterest and thought, I could do 3 hands now and the 4th upon arrival.  PERFECT! 

So I started off by borrowing this fine looking piece of art from our playroom!  I actually really like it, but I have had it forever and I am "shakin" things up around here. 

Then, prep began.  I grabbed fine grit sandpaper, a paint sample from our sons' bedroom and my trusty brush. 

(Suggestion:  Spend a little more money on a great angled brush.  The cost is double a cheap one, but if you clean it after your uses with a brush comb ... it will last for a long time.  This one has been around for about 5 years).

Sad thing, the longer I look at the sign the more I still like it.  Oops, too late!

I let it dry, sanded it a little more to give it that "what, this old thing?!?" look.  And then, I called in the troops and swore them to secrecy until Father's Day.  The true test:  their dedication to our little surprise.  I give it til dinner!

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderfully hardworking, laundry folding, lawn mowing, Dr. visiting Dads.  We couldn't do our job without YOU! 

Side note:  My husband really wanted one of these.  Sorry bud, next year is just around the corner!
Thinking of dads,

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