Friday, June 1, 2012

Yes, I Want Cheese With This.

Dear Girls -

Allow me to whine.  Please?!  We cancelled cable several months ago in an effort to save money.  For starters, why haven't we won the lottery yet? WHINE.

Most days I am perfectly okay with this cable-axing decision.  The cable rates are CRAZY.  And there is part of me that just out of principle, gets miffed.  Why isn't there any choice?  Why can't I order my television ala carte?  I really only want a couple stations.  My husband has explained the reason I can't order ala carte several times but I feel like there must be a flaw in his logic.

We did decide to get Netflix and that works great for the kids (they can watch "Phineas and Ferb" any time they want!).  And we watch different shows on Hulu.  But I'll be honest, lately I'm really missing cable.  Like how I miss being able to wear two piece swimsuits and sleep in past seven in the morning.

I knew it was bad when one night I couldn't sleep and ended up watching a Roy Orbison concert on PBS.  I watched an ENTIRE Roy Orbison concert.  Don't get me wrong, I love "Pretty Woman" but it hurts when I know somewhere Sarah Richardson is picking fabrics, Jon Hamm is sipping a cocktail and some housewife in some swanky town is likely flipping tables!  What I meant to say is I am missing a ton of educational documentaries on CNN.

The weekends are particularly long without cable.  Unless you're a die hard sports fan or a lover of infomercials, you are in trouble.  I get it Cindy Crawford.  You look as young as you did twenty years ago.  I've seen that one too many times.

Today I had the following text exchange (I'm in green) with Mrs. Williams:

Mrs. Williams also got rid of cable.  Thankfully her main man Brian is available on the major networks.  Because then, well, that wouldn't be pretty!

Today I have cable envy.  Thank you for letting me vent.  Sometimes it just feels good to whine about stupid stuff.  I know.  It must be nice having these kinds of problems, right?  Tomorrow I'm going to write about how my clothes are always too big and how people hate me because I'm beautiful (like that lady in London did).  

Now, back to my golf.  

Expanding my horizons one book fairway and racetrack at a time,

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