Monday, September 10, 2012

Craigslist Laughs

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Dear Girls -

Recently I spent the better half of a Saturday morning scrolling through Craigslist.  Forget Words With Friends ladies.  Craigslist is the new (old) way to waste time.  I could spend hours reading posts and scanning goods.  I like CL because I can search for treasures anonymously and without the threat of harried people crowding my space.  Side note:  I get anxious when I see lines of people at estate sales.  Really.  I start twitching. Mrs. Williams, you know this from when we went to the HomeGoods opening or when I talked about the MC barn sale.

Anyway, the other beauty of Craigslist, beyond the hidden treasure, is its ability to make me laugh.  Sometimes the spelling mistakes make me smile.  I've seen several slay beds and rot iron bistro sets for sale in my local area.

Sometimes just the descriptions are awesome:  "no stains but it could use some Febreze freshening.."  I love when they tell me what I should do with the item.

This description made me pause:  "Big mahogany-coloured wall mirror for sale! I would keep it, but there are already 2 mirrors in my new apartment, and I don't want to look like a vane loser who's obsessed with my looks."  Yea, true that.

Often the photos themselves make me laugh out loud. Some people are completely delusional and suffer from high-ticket-price syndrome.  They list way. too. high.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?  You'd pay 150 bucks for this, yes?
I also like when you have to ponder what is being sold.

Wait, is it the table for sale or the half finished puzzle that is about to spill out over the table edge?
I particularly dig when people post "upscale" upholstered items that feature lounging pets.  Because really, when I want to hunker down for a nap, I want to nuzzle a cushion that cradled someone else's pet.  I like pets.  I like upholstered furniture.  I just don't like them together necessarily.  And I don't want to smell another person's pet when I'm napping.  "Could use some Febreze freshening."

Does Mr. Jingles come with this putting green couch?

So back to the other day...I came across this ad:
BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT must sell Porcelain DOLL Collection- OBO for all - $4.  I am a premed Cornell student who needs money.

I immediately emailed this listing to one of my friends.  We love to share Craigslist postings.  I thought she would get a kick out of it and couldn't wait for her response.

This posting made me laugh for several reasons:
1. FOUR dollars for the collection?!   I think this person is better off keeping the dolls and hoping the value spikes by residency time.  My sister was premed at Cornell and I bet she is kicking herself for not taking to Craigslist sooner.
2.  I wonder how many other doctors had to sell off porcelain doll collections or beanie baby lots to pay for school.
3.  And finally, my dear friend's response to the listing:  "Are you sure this isn't a flashback ad by one of us from 1998?"

Oh snap.  Just when I'm about to get on my Craigslist high horse, I get knocked down a peg.  

Ahem.  So you know, dear friend of mine, I didn't collect porcelain dolls--it was Ginny dolls and Madam Alexanders.  HUGE difference.

In summary, what I'm trying to say is I encourage you all to check out Craigslist.  If you don't find any treasures, you are sure to find some laughs.  

And if you see a posting that reads:
BROKE STAY AT HOME MOM must sell Ginny and Madam Alexander DOLL Collection $10 OBO to pay for hair dye (because I'm "vane" and have several mirrors) .  Mama's got roots.  

Be generous.  

PS All the CL listings in this post were from my local section and, with the exception of one, all were listed in the same week.  Fun!

Happy scrolling girls,

Mrs. Williams Comment:  Hey Mrs. Kelly.  Would you consider taking $5 for the collection?

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  These are GENUINE collectibles....I'd take $5.25

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Mrs. Gosling said...

I am digging the green settee. I think that a re-upholstery post is in order?!? Hmmmm ... the wheels are turning. Thanks for the tips. Oh yea, don't take checks from people, even if they are driving nice cars. It backfires - TRUST ME!

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