Friday, August 24, 2012

A Garden Set Makeover

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Dear Girls,

If you had told me that my Mother’s Day would involve a trip to Home Depot, I would have thought it was to buy a doghouse for my husband.  But, this year, that’s where we went (twice), and it was MY idea.  It started on Saturday when I dug these guys out of the back shed:

Listen closely, they're saying, "Help me!"  Pretty gross, right?

I’ve had them forever.  Like, first-apartment-kitchen-table forever.  Every few years I bring out the black spray paint and give them a once over.  This year, I thought I’d try some color.  I tried two colors actually.
Teal on the Left .... Yellow on the Right
 In the end,  I went with the yellow (Strawflower - Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover) instead of the teal (Satin Lagoon - Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover) because, well, I just liked the yellow better.

I was making some great progress until the spray paint stopped working.  No rhyme.  No reason.  Just stopped.  Off the Home Depot we went (again).

Armed with two more cans of spray paint, I got back to work.  I’m an impatient spray painter.  I spray it on thick.  I spray each coat before the other coat dries.  I make a huge mess.  I’m all about “get it done” in an instant gratification kind of way.
 While I let one of the coats of paint dry slightly, I quickly recovered the cushions.   Then, put them back on the chair before they dried.  I just couldn’t wait any longer! 

It's not outdoor fabric, hope it doesn't rain all summer.
Ready for the reveal?  Here they are:

Would you like to come over for some tea?

Don’t they just scream happy?  I mean, don’t they just scream Happy Mother’s Day?  
Don't touch, the spray paint isn't dry yet.
Oh, and the flowers on the table were from our early morning Mother’s Day adventure to Bristol’s Garden Center.  Is there anything cuter than your kids wheeling around a wagon to collect flowers for you? 

I’d say it’s much cuter than when they dig up worms to feed the turtles at the garden center.

All in all, a wonderful Mother’s Day … flowers, spray paint, and sunshine.  


Mrs Kelly Note:  I love your cheery new set.  Actually, I was coveting a yellow bench like your set from Lowe's.  I think you should go buy this bench to complement yours.  It's $98 bucks and I saw similar ones at Tuesday Morning for over 100.  Can you serve tall, non-fat, one pump lattes instead of tea?  Because then I will live at your set!

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