Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Eye Candy - Brooklyn Heights Style

Hey Girls,

Loving the garden posts.  We made a quick trip to Brooklyn Heights (my sister and her husband just moved there) this past weekend and in honor of your posts I snapped some garden pics.  People in Brooklyn Heights evidently love flowers.  I love how all the home fronts were all different but equally lovely.  Some of the doors below were rather simple while others were ornate and loaded with greenery.  Many of the pictures could be better but you get the general idea.  Which is your favorite?  I kind of like the blue door with the wildflowers! 
Wildflower gardens exist even smack dab in the city
Sometimes a simple urn and a pop of color just make a doorstep, no?
Wood door and lots of greenery = lovely
I think I need blue pots.  Ok, and a green thumb.  
I love all the plants and the hint of teal.  

green door
Love the sophisticated simplicity!

Hostas on the sidewalks?!

black door
There's nothing as classic, to me, as a black door.  Me and the Rolling Stones.
Would it be weird if I knocked on the door and asked the owners what the paint color is?  
Love all the colors going on here...blue door, pretty flowers.

I think our house is missing window boxes.  Yes, that's it.

Who else wants to move to Brooklyn Heights now?

Sincerely Yours, 

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