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Mackenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2012

Hey girls, 

Once upon a time there was a girl who went to a Vera Wang trunk show in New York City.  She was excited and hopeful to find a designer bridal grown at a fraction of the typical cost.  The girl dragged her then fiance with her to a Manhattan building in the wee hours of a Saturday morning.  For two hours, the couple waited.  They rounded velvet ropes and listened to other people planning dress-obtaining-strategies.  As they inched closer to the entrance, the couple was handed a rules sheet.  The rules sheet read, "There is to be no pushing, hitting, shoving, biting, etc..."  Biting!  The girl started to get anxious with her rules sheet in hand.  The other people started getting crazier.  And, just before the girl and her fiance got to the entrance, after a couple hours of waiting, they bailed.

Enter the 2012 Mackenzie-Childs Barn Sale:

Mackenzie-Childs Shop in Aurora, New York (Forgive the photo quality.  This trip was so last minute I didn't even bring my camera...iPhone it is.)
As I've mentioned before, I don't do well in crazy situations so I wasn't sure how I would handle the Mackenzie-Childs Barn Sale.  I had heard stories of people camping out in tents.  

Every year, once a year, Mackenzie-Childs hosts a major sale (this year, three days long) down in Aurora, New York.  Their wares are deeply discounted and plentiful.  If Willy Wonka did pottery, it would be the barn sale.  It's a huge, fantastical world of hand painted eye candy.  
Even the spoke is blinged out!
My mom and I went to the barn sale this year--spur of the moment.  We drove down Friday afternoon.  Apparently this is a great time to go!  We waited in line for maybe ten minutes before they let us into the main barn buying area (no tents, hour-long waits or rules sheets).  Even if you're not a crazy Mackenzie-Childs fan, it would be a fun trip.  The drive down, around Seneca Lake, is lovely.  The grounds of the Mackenzie-Childs empire (65 acre estate) are breathtaking (their gardener has her own blog).  The main house looks like a whimsical castle on a hill.  It's a wonderland overlooking the lake.
These gardens look similar to our house.  Yep, that's the ticket.

Here's a picture (a poor one) of the band playing with Seneca Lake in the background.  
And then there's the barn and the tents.  They were filled with pottery and stemware and furniture, oh my.  On Friday afternoon the employees were still restocking the shelves.  People go crazy.  Most of the wares are discounted between 50 and 80%.  This is significant since they are rarely discounted.  Occasionally a local store might offer a slight discount on an individual piece.  But, those discounts are usually not offered on more than one piece or for more than 25% off.  

Follow that sign!

"Gene, there's a lovely courtly check vase that would work well for that rose!"

Mackenzie-Childs does its sale up right.  The event is well organized.  There were plenty of workers assisting people and handing out bags.  There was also lots of food cooking and filling the air with wonderful scents.  And a terrific band, the Blacklites, was playing off to the side.  It's a big party catering to all senses!  The MC folks really try to minimize the chaos and make the experience fun.  And that's what it is:  an experience.  

Here's what I picked up.  And yes, these are totally random:  

I bought a couple gifts, a garbage can, a switch plate.  I told you it was random.

I kind of love these plastic barn tumblers.
At $4.90 a piece they were the perfect, kid-friendly souvenir from the barn sale.

Prior to our entry, when we waited those ten minutes in line, I didn't get anxious.  I had a touch and go moment when one couple cut us in line (why do people think this is okay?) but mostly I was calm.  They make it fun.  So if you're prone to crowd anxiety, take a deep breath.  It's worth the trip and if I can handle it, you can!  As Willy Wonka once said, "Come with me and you'll be in world of pure imagination."  

Who's with me for the barn sale 2013?

Shopped out, 

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Bridge said...

I am proud of you, Mrs. Kelly. Also, I"m jealous of your switch plate. Next year, I'm heading to the finger lakes for some mack-childs!

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