Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mrs. Gosling, How Does Your Garden Grow? Phase 3

Dear girls - 

GARDENING 101/ "Things that make you go hmm ..."

Vines, ground cover and a little bit of lovin'

Well, it's obvious I have a small obsession with planting.  I also have a small (huge, really HUGE) obsession with clean floors and eventually a mulch free yard.  Therefore, I have been slowly transplanting ground cover.  Here's the way I see it ...  If you are going to spend money on mulch every year, I would rather supplement with ground cover and maybe(?) someday not have to spend back breaking weekends spreading 'da mulch.  And by me, I mean "the Don" and all 3 munchkins carting their wheelbarrows around while I sneak out to buy more plants.  Hee hee!

Along with pachysandra, I'm lovin' me some myrtle, English ivy and basically anything that spreads quickly.  General rule of thumb with ground cover:
First year, it sleeps
Second year, it creeps
Third year, it LEAPS
Once it establishes roots and acclimates to its' soil - it can become a nuisance.  Invest in a nice pair of sheers and trim away as needed. 

Winter Cotonease.  Will spread and mound, allowing for pruning over the years. 
I just recently started my hand at vines.  I have planted 2 honeysuckle vines and a shade loving clematis.  I purchased both of them at Lowes in the early spring.  I attached jute twine to our fence, to encourage growth up, Up and AWAY!!!

Honeysuckle Vine.  Fast growing, hummingbird attracting and hardy. 
Remember, give your plants some time to find their bearings and work with your yard.  Water and fertilize (I prefer the yellow miracle grow) and be patient.  If something isn't working, move it.  If something dies, return it.  Gardening is a labor of love and takes years to master.  It's a great way to spend family time in the yard and can be whatever you want it to.  

Good luck! 

PS.  Mrs. Kelly:  Are you still looking to move some myrtle?  You got my digits ....

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  "First year, it sleeps...Second year, it creeps...Third year, it LEAPS."  Are you talking about ground cover or Ryan G.?  Also, I'll trade you some myrtle for pachysandra.

Mrs. Gosling Comment:  We can definitely trade ground cover.  Let me just head over to Mrs. Williams house tonight to dig it up.  Don't tell ...

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