Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday with the Family

Hi Girls -

Guess where we went on Saturday?  If the pictures aren't enough, just use the letters in bold to figure out our destination.

A is for Airplanes

Good thing the security guards hand out earplugs.

Kind of makes me want to own a plane.

I is for Inside
Some of the planes suggest a donation before you tour.  I think it's worth it.  When else can my boys buckle themselves into a seat on an Avro Lancaster bomber plane?

You can even climb into the cockpit.

 R is for Reenactment
I love this part.  The Historical Aircraft Group sets up camp and displays World War II aircraft, tents, vehicles, uniforms, and supplies.

S is for Smoke
This is right before the aerobatic pilot cuts his engine and lets his plane plummet to the earth.  I scream every time!

The Jelly Belly plane even had yellow smoke.  Makes me crave a lemon jelly bean for sure.

H is for Helmet
Remember the reenactment camp?  It's interactive too.  They encourage the kids to jump up in the jeeps and wear helmets...obviously.

O is for Oppressive Heat and/or Observing
What's an air show without kids/me whining about the heat?  Check this out...I think we were justified.
Why didn't I think to bring our umbrellas?  That would have helped up beat the heat.

W is for Wings

It's times like these when I'm walking through scratchy grass in a huge open field, checking out the WWII reenactment camp, straining my neck to check out the bi-planes in the sky, lining up to get inside the Memphis Belle, and eating snacks under the shade of a C-47 wing that I realize with all these boys (my husband included) in my life, I may never get to sit in an air-conditioned auditorium watching a cute dance recital, but I don't mind because if I were somewhere else, I would have missed seeing the aerobatic pilot plummet to the earth...and this....
Aren't they cute?
Signing Off,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  That last picture is the best.  I have a fear of planes and ironically, my brother is a navigator in a C130.  So, I appreciate these photos from the comfort of my living room and without lemon jelly-belly planes spiraling at me.  Also, I love that your first thought was jelly beans and not your escape route.  :)  

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