Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Girls,

With Halloween right around the corner, and since we're focusing on Halloween this week at Naptime Notebook, I thought I'd share how I used to get costumes ready for my boys when they were less than one-year-old.  You see, when our boys were babies we loved wearing them in a front carrier.  I figured that would be no different on Halloween night.  So instead of dressing them up and then sticking them inside the carrier, I figured, why not wrap the costume around the carrier?  And that's what we did.  Our first son was a bee.  (My husband's a really good sport and let me dress him up as a bee keeper.)

If you want to torture your husband, too, you can turn a painter's coverall from Home Depot into a bee keeper's suit.  The hat is just plastic and the netting is glued around it.

 My second son was a fire hydrant when he was in the carrier.  My older son was a fireman at the same time.  (And this time my husband was REALLY good sport and let me convert that bee keeper costume into a Dalmatian dog know for the sake of a good theme.)

Oh, that's my pretend husband, Mr. Williams (hence the name I use when I'm passing notes.)  His face is covering up the mean look my real husband was giving me for making him wear dog ears (well, the entire costume, actually).
To demonstrate how easy the costume to baby carrier conversion is, I recently picked up a baby costume.  This costume is just a typical baby costume.  It's meant to go over the baby's head, has an elastic bottom, and a bit of Velcro in the back to close it up.

The first thing I did was sew short stitches across the elastic at the back of the costume.  I did this because I knew I was going to cut the costume apart at the back.  If I didn't secure the Velcro in place with those two stitches, I would have lost the elastic cinching instantly once I cut through the bottom seam.

Next, I cut down the back of the costume.

Then, to keep it all "together,"  I sewed a zigzag stitch along both sides of the cut-open back.

Finally, I added Velcro pieces (about three inches long).  I just sewed them about halfway down the costume (no science here).  These pieces will secure the costume around the baby carrier.  And...that's it.  Costume complete.

Since I don't have a baby anymore, I borrowed this guy to demonstrate. 
baby carrier halloween costume
Cutest Pumpkin Ever!

bjorn halloween costume

Happy Halloween,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Your husband is awesome.  He rocks for keeping to theme.  I'm a sucker for a baby in a costume and these costumes just multiply the cute factor.   I think someone out there should do a Buffalo Bills player (yea, I'm from Western New York) and a football.  That would brighten my day.  Pu-lease?!?!  


David said...

I really hope Mrs. Kelly isn't getting any ideas...Bubba is much to big to fit in a Bjorn.

Naptime Notebook said...

Mrs. Kelly thinks that even better than one costumed baby in a baby carrier are costumed twins in baby carriers. I kid. But I need to stay away from our friends who have babies at Halloween time.

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