Thursday, September 13, 2012

Craigslist Adventures - Getting Addicted To Selling

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls - 

Although I have purchased items on Craigslist, I just recently posted items to sell.  Here's what I found out:

1.  Once you post one item, you just can't stop.  (I had only intended on listing a double stroller that was taking up lots of room in our garage and I ended up posting 12 other items.)

Fun finger maze, anyone?

2.  You never know what (or who) will happen.

I started Craigslisting on Saturday and just as I finished my first post, I got my first "customer."  The subject in the email said, “Double Stroller – Graco – Duo Glider – $20.”  Here’s the crazy, it’s-a-small-world part … the girl who so desperately wanted to buy our very used and kind of dirty stroller (hence the cheap price) is actually my co-worker.  So, when I called her back, we had a good laugh.  She’s going to look at it on Wednesday at work.

It's much dirtier up close.
3.  Some items are hot (strollers) and some items are not (shutters).

Once all my posting were on Craigslist, things got rolling and emails kept coming in all weekend.  However, there’s one item that absolutely stole the show.   You guessed it, the $20 stroller.  One woman in particular really wanted the stroller.  In fact here’s a quick review of our emails (over 12 in all):

Her first email:  I really want this stroller!
My reply:  I’m so sorry, someone is planning to look at it.  I’ll keep you posted.
Her reply (next morning):  I’m just wondering if you ended up selling the stroller.
My reply:  Actually, not yet.  My coworker is going to look at it in a few days.  I’ll keep you posted.
Her reply:  No ifs, ands, or buts, I WILL BUY IT FROM YOU!  I have 3 children and desperately need a stroller.
My thoughts … oh man, three children … I totally want to sell her the stroller … and then I remembered that we had one other double stroller in our back garage.
My reply:  OK – so we do have another double stroller … it’s a Combi Twinstar.  It’s pretty old.  We bought it used for $50.  I used it for around the neighborhood.  It’s really easy to maneuver and for some reason, my kids loved riding in it.  I’d happily give it to you.  Again, it’s been in storage and needs a thorough cleaning.  I’ve attached a photo for you.

Her reply:  Thanks.  I certainly could use it.
My thoughts … happy.

A few hours later, my Craigslist adventures were complete.  I met up with her and handed over the stroller.  I hope it helps.  I hope she can use it.  I hope it will hold her over until she gets exactly what she wants.  I hope those shutters sell soon.

On sale now ... $10 or best offer.

Oh Craigslist, you never disappoint,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  You might have to open a shop soon.  And girlfriend, how many strollers do you own?

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