Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY: Dinosaur Hoodie

Passing notes today:  Mrs. Gosling

Hello Ladies!

Fall is in the air!  The leaves are turning, kids are back in school, apple orchards are packed full of little ones eager to fill their buckets full of sweet goodness, and Halloween is just around the corner.  It seems like every night I hear "what should I be for Halloween...Captain America, Superwhy, a dog?" Maybe.  I usually convince a few of them to dust off the costumes of years past that their brothers sported.  They are boys, pretty easy to please. 

Regardless of the costume, one thing is always a must.  How can they wear this more than one day?  As parents we always spend so much time and money on the costumes and they only see the light dark of day once.  So, this year I think that I will convince the four-year-old to be a dinosaur.  Okay, you caught me ...  I made two full on dino costumes two years ago but this one is going to be different.  It's going to be easy, semi-homemade and perfect for year round fashion.  To get in the DINO mood, we went searching through the shelves of books we have, that are dinosaur-esque!  Here are a few of our favorites that inspired us:

Before we gathered supplies we asked questions...

Kids:  Mom, where did dinosaurs go?
Me:  Well, before we were born they used to roam the earth and now they are gone.
Kids:  Yea ... but where are they?
Me:  They are extinct, now they are in the ground sleeping.
Kids:  You mean, they died
Me:  Well, they are just gone
Kids:  So we step on them?
Me:  Let's call your Dad and see when he's coming home.

The End!  Moving on ....
Back to gathering what I needed to get the dino hoodie "roarrrrr-ing."   

Supply list:

*Size appropriate hooded sweatshirt, color of your choice
*Felt or fleece in contrasting color
*Sewing machine, preferably
*Napping kids

I started with a plain blue hoodie sweatshirt.  I picked this one up at Target, on clearance for $4.  You could also try amazon, Walmart, clothing outlets ....... 

Circo® Infant Toddler Boys Long-Sleeve Fleece Hoodie

Then I took some felt and cut it into triangle shaped scales.  You can also use fleece.  Both of these fabrics are very durable, can be machine washed and won't fray.  I thought that the felt would stick up better, so I went with that. 

Next, I decided where to piece the scales into the hoodie.  My sweatshirt has a pretty thick double back seam, so I have decided to fold in the scales on one side of each seam ... to make for easier sewing.  It also happens to be in the center, so that worked out well.  Start pinning to lay out your scales.  I like to sew the scales one at a time so I can check them before moving forward.  If you have a sewing machine, ROCK ON.  If not, you can still do this.  You will have to just sew by hand.  If sewn by hand, make smalls stitches to ensure durability when washing.  Plus side to that:  you can watch TV while working.  The rest of us will be hunched over at the kitchen table sewing away.

Once you have sewn the seam, flip it right side again and you are DONE.  From set up to finish product, this only took about 20 minutes and 1 Cranberry Sierra Mist.  I think that my little guy will wear a pair of dark jeans and be on his way.  It's comfortable, WARM, and can be worn whenever. 

Have no fear, Dino hoodies are not just for boys.  You could totally make one of these for a girl.  I would suggest making the scales round or "mountain like."  Weren't there girl dinosaurs on Barney?  Or were they unidentified jungle creatures?  Who knows!  Maybe Barney and Friends should be considered in Mrs. Kelly's 25 scariest things post.  Maybe, no. 26?

Happy Sewing,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:   Ok, here's my dino sweatshirt.  It's no-sew!  He's a Brontosaurus.

I kid because I love.  The dino sweatshirt / costume is practical and way cute.  Thanks for sharing.  And, yes, Barney kind of scares me along with the cast of Barney.

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