Thursday, September 6, 2012

Extreme Home Makeover Play Kitchen Edition

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey ladies,

You remember at the beginning of the week when I said I wanted to give Blondie's kitchen a total makeover?  Well here it is, coming at ya!  Let's start from the beginning.

Here is the original play kitchen that was living in our basement.  I love this kitchen because it's small, wooden and was relatively inexpensive.  The only problem is that I'm a little OCD when it comes to things matching and I knew the red and white was not going to match my daughter's blue and pink decor.  And, I have been bugging Mrs. W and Mrs. G. to hook me up with a simple first sewing project.

Here is the before:

Very Country Diner-y but cute, no?

First I decided the red had to go.  I had some leftover sample paint and decided to cover the red counterop with a cream/white color.  It took several coats but soon the red was gone.  I also unscrewed all the knobs and spray-painted them black.  Remember my teakettle project?  Well, I figured black and white is always a safe way to go.  I also decided that I needed some bins to house extra dishes and foods.  I picked up some pink bins at the dollar store and velcroed them onto the bottom of the kitchen unit.

Once painting and velcroing (I'm coining words) was complete, Mrs. Williams and I headed to Joann's to pick out fabric.  Yes, Mrs. Gosling, I did my first sewing project!  WOOHOO.  Here is a snippet of the conversation at the fabric store:

Me:  This store is so cool.
Mrs. W:  Yea, do you come in a lot?
Me: No, I've never been here.
Mrs. W:  What?
Me:  Yea, never.  A few times when I lived in Buffalo but never since I've been here.

I think her ears started to bleed.

Here is the fabric we chose.  It complemented the pinks, yellows and blues of my daughter's room.

I should probably also note that Mrs. Williams was all about the pompoms.  I was a little reluctant but in the end she was right.  This curtain needed some bling.  

I totally sewed that little valance below.  Ok, so I pushed the fabric in a straight line while Mrs. Williams stood over me like a hawk. Details!  Now I can rest easier at night knowing the kitchen matches my daughter's room.    

Look at this sweet fabric.  I'm one step closer to being Maria Von Trapp.  Wait till you see my daughter marching around Rochester wearing nothing but these silly drapes.  Sorry.  Can't help myself.

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Picture a megaphone-holding Ty Pennington yelling, "MOVE THAT COZY COUPE!!!"

Here's a side by side shot:

Do you love it?  Do you want me to come over and whip up some curtains for your kitchen?  Ok, when I say "me" I mean me and one of my other partners in crime.  Ok, what I really mean is they will do it and I will jump in from time to time and do exactly as they say.  

A stitch in time,

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