Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye Summer - Hello School Year

Hey girls,

Mrs. Kelly here.  Is school really starting in a few days?  That means, of course, that summer is ending.  I'm conflicted because with summer comes a mixed bag of emotions...things I will miss and won't miss.

Things I WON'T miss from summer:

The aftermath of inadvertently letting go of a balloon or promising to go to the playground and then it rains.

Fun experiments like combing your sister's curly, wet hair with a baby comb, using marker to color the table or pouring sand into water bottles.

Floors littered with sand and legos and puzzle pieces and game cards.

The all-you-can-eat buffet.   The food requests start at sunrise and continue on the hour, every hour, all day long.

Having to take three children to the store for a single item like milk or diapers...or this week, Ticonderoga #2 pencils.

Things I WILL miss

No schedules.  Living life by the seat of our pants.  Fun day trips, library outings, impromptu picnics and the subsequent joy they bring.

Peaceful moments.

Releasing energy wherever, whenever.

Fresh air.

Learning outside the classroom.

More time with family.

Ok, who am I kidding?  The truth is, I'll miss it all...even the bickering.  It will be nice to have a break but, as I'm starting to realize, it all does go by too quickly.  I have to remind myself of this on long days.  Or, maybe it's easier to remember when vacation is ending?  :)

After I do my happy dance this week (in Target with only ONE child...Gene would be proud) I will be right there with my children counting the days to Thanksgiving break.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone and for those of you headed back, good luck with the first week of school!

Sharpening pencils,


Bridge said...

Gosh, even if my school days are behind me, I still get excited when September rolls around. You should make a pencil bouquet for your table! I hear you may have a plethora of pencils.

Moe said...

My favorite part of this post? The picture of all the kids jumping on that yellow thing that says "No Jumping" down in the right hand corner. What is that thing anyway?

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