Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Halloween - 25 Things That Scare Me As An Adult

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

In honor of Halloween I'd like to share a list of 25 things that scare me now that I'm an adult!  Boo!

1.  Permanent Markers.  They were fun when they weren't used on wood, wool rugs, painted walls and flesh. 

2.  The Bus.  I don't know what's going on during the bus ride and it scares me.  Not a whole lot of supervision and a range of ages does not a good recipe make.

3.  Surprise Pop In's - I admit it...I like notice when people are going to drop by...even if it's to borrow eggs.  Unfortunately everyone doesn't seem to embrace Lego / crusty Cheerio chic like I do.

4.  The Wiggles - Not sure what scares me most...the four grown men in bright turtlenecks, the subject matter they sing about (fruit salad, yummy, yummy) or the finger guns.    

5.  Skinny Jeans - These scared me before birthing three children.   

6.  My Grocery Bill.  Sometimes I feel like I should be dining on lobster and tenderloin all week long when I see my receipt (as opposed to chicken and shells and cheese).  It's only going to get worse as these kids keep growing.  Didn't I JUST buy milk?  

7.  Leaking Diapers - I don't think I need to elaborate.

8.  75% of Store Bought Halloween Costumes for Little Girls.  Did the costume manufacturers not order enough fabric?  Because in my book, the more fabric the better.  Why aren't there more Laura Ingalls costumes out there?  

9.  Road Trips.  Ok, road trips with kids.  Worse, road trips with kids and broken dvd players.  It happened to me once. 

10.  The Inside of My Car After a Road Trip.  This should be a new TLC show. 

11.  Public Restrooms.  Any parent who has changed a baby in a public restroom knows what I mean.  Sometimes you are "blessed" with a precarious hanging changing table...and sometimes you have to lie a baby down on a cold, gross, tile floor.  And when they're older and can use the seats themselves, well, it's still gross. 

12.  Facebook Tagging.  

13.  Broken Washing Machine.  I never have a handle on laundry with a WORKING machine.  Tailspin!

14.  Student Loans (mine and eventually, theirs).  Wah Waahhhh

15.  Max's older sister Ruby.  

16.  Car Seat Removal - Have you ever tried to remove a Britax Frontier car seat?  No?  What about just the cover?  I watched a tutorial once and it was more confusing than the ending of "Lost."  The car seat is never coming out.  Ever.  They're driving to the prom in those things.

17.  End of Naps.  There's a lot of ends I have mourned...the end of grade school, the end of my twenties (ahem, I mean teens), the end of being carded at restaurants...but not sure if any quite compare to the day the baby forfeits naptime.

18.  Finding old baby bottles...like when you move the couch to look for the remote and there's a dirty bottle from last football season.

19.  Being without a charger and having a cell phone on one bar.  I know I lived without a cellphone once.  But I really panic if I don't have a phone.  What if something happened at school and someone couldn't get a hold of me? Or, what if I won the HGTV dream home and wasn't available to take the call?!

20.  Scissors.  These were fun too until my kids became stylists.

21.  These Words:  "I'll be home late tonight."

22.  Car Repairs.  I shudder just saying that.

23.  Crib Escape.  That was a frightful day.  It was followed all too soon by the car seat escape.  And some day they will pull the car out of the driveway and I will sit in the window biting my nails.

24.  Warm Pools.

25.  QUIET.

What else scares you ladies these days? Tell me! Happy Halloween.

Shakin' in my boots and my primary color turtleneck, 
Mrs. Williams Comment:  Ditto...and can I add a 26?
26.  When my husband finds out that I posted those Halloween pictures of him dressed as a bee keeper and dog in yesterday's post. 

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Yes, I'm scared for you on that Mrs. Williams.  Mrs. G., saw your comment too.  I am also afraid I will miss the bus.  For that reason I tend to be home two hours before. The professor has to cross the road this year. Sometimes he is easily distracted so the whole crossing-the-street thing also makes me a little anxious.  I know..Lame! 

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Mrs. Gosling said...

27: Missing the bus, on arrival not departure. It's so lame, but I have visions of our son having to sleep at the bus garage if I am not on the front porch.

Mrs. Williams: I can't wait to see what hubby #1 wears this Halloween.

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