Friday, September 14, 2012

Hydrangeas: How to Dry and Use a Craigslist Find for Presentation

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Hey chickies!

So basically you guys know that I love gardening and everything plants, right?  I know, I know ... not another gardening post.  Not really, well kind of .... I also love Craigslist (and Ryan G). This post will give a shout out to those loves.   It's Craiglist find meets DIY meets home decor.

So, in a perfect world I would be sipping red wine sangria, sitting on the deck watching the sunset and STALKING a fence lined with beautiful hydrangeas.  Hopefully in a few I can say I am doing that.  But for now the plants are still pretty small and won't be drooping over for a few years.

So in order to hold me over until then I have created the perfect solution: drying them.  No, it's not like what we all did with our wedding bouquets 10 years ago ... hanging them from our parents' basement beams because we were totally gonna do something with them.  It's way cooler and it looks like it is right out of  an Arhaus magazine. 

I learned this method from my friend (thanks Meg) who has HUGE hydrangea plants.  Okay are you ready?  Seriously, grab a pen and paper to jot down the steps.  Here we go:

Step 1:  In September, cut off the blooms and stick them in a basket
Step 2:  You. are. done.

Honestly, it's that easy.  You don't have to prepare the flowers at all.  Once they show a little sign of "wilt" - usually in September/October, clip them.  Here is my favorite one so far:

Were you wondering when Craigslist was going to enter into this?  Well, I'm getting there!  This arrangement is limelight hydrangeas that I placed in an old beer wooden crate.  I bought it off of someone on CL ($20).  I dusted it off, cleaned it up with a mixture of warm water and Murphy's oil, built it up with newspaper and stuck the freshly cut hydrangeas in styrofoam.  You can also use garden oasis (the weird blocky green stuff that you see at craft stores) but styrofoam is a little more affordable.

The other night, the ladies are I were meeting at Starbucks to discuss the blog.  This post came up and they were wondering how I found this fabulous old crate.  Their eyes lit up when I told them Craigslist.  I think we can all agree that a great find on Craigslist is like finding a little bit of retail heaven.  Especially when you can grab something vintage/antique-ey and upcycle it into  CHIC decor.  The best part - the cost.  The wood crate was very affordable, a generous size (10H x 18W x 8D) and the hydrangea clippings were FREE. 

Mrs. K:  "I love the crate, can't believe you found it on Craigslist.  Love that place"
Mrs. W:  "Totally, how did you know to even put them in that?"
Mrs. K:  "Seriously, $20 and it dresses up a whole side of your fireplace - SCORE!"
Mrs. W:  "So, did you search vintage, antiques, wooden decor ... What?
Me:  (slurp) as I sip my chai latte.  Beer Crate.

Yup, it was that simple.  I knew what I was looking for so I searched for it.  I was lucky to find a guy that was only a few miles from me and he had tons to choose from.  On the drive home, I thought what else could I use?  A basket, a vase, a flower box.  All of the above.  When I was searching, I also came across a wooden barrel.  I have to say the wheels started spinning and I thought, what can I do with this?  I think that a front porch makeover is in order.  Stay tuned!

image 1

Happy Snipping!

Mrs. Kelly:  Seriously who else searches "beer crate" on CL?  Love the finished product and love the price!

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