Thursday, September 20, 2012

Library Books

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls -

When my six-year-old heads to school each week, there's one day that I always look forward to the most...Thursdays.  Why?  Well, it's library day.  Each Thursday when my son gets off the bus I'm practically giddy as I unzip his backpack and check out the book he picked.  Let's just say he has unusual taste in books.  It began in Kindergarten.  At the time I imagined him picking beautiful picture books that we would read together.  However, that dream quickly shattered when I noticed a nonfiction pattern in his book selection.  First there was a book about magic tricks, then earthquakes, then Kwanzaa, then party planning (wait, what? your five-your-old isn't interested in making paper mache pinatas?), and the pattern continued throughout the school year.

This school year, I'm happy to report that the "strange" books are still coming home.  Here's the book he brought home this week.

There's actually some really cute ideas in this one.
Really, a Halloween cookbook?  So, instead of curling up in the evenings to read a picture book, we picked a recipe and got baking.
Oh yeah, my son insisted on pointing to the recipe for this picture.
Since I'm pretty sure this isn't in your kids' backpacks, (unless you're lucky like us) I thought I'd document the process of the spider cupcakes we made.  The cookbook actually details how to make the cupcakes and icing from scratch...we skipped that whole part and just used a cake mix and icing in a container.

I picked up the following in the bulk department at the grocery store:
- Chocolate sprinkles
- Licorice laces
- Cinnamon candies

First step (after the cupcakes are baked and cooled), ice the cupcakes.

Next, dip the cupcakes into some chocolate sprinkles.
Then, add spider legs.  Cut the licorice into two inch strips.  Add eight legs.

Finally, add two red eyes.
spider cupcakes

Today is Thursday!  I can't wait to see what the choice is this week.  Will it be science experiments, balloon animals, or celebrations around the world?  

I'll keep you posted,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Tell your oldest there, to get a book out on kitchen remodels and then he can spin some magic over here.  It is definitely fun seeing what books they pick!  Cupcakes are cute and looks like a fun project with the kids.   I love that he got out a book on party planning.  He is his mother's son.


Karamegan said...

You guys crack me up! Piper does the same thing. We have read books on Kwanzaa, many on the Jewish Holidays (we have many recipes for Potato Latkes now), the Olympics, the Armed Services, Astrology, and I'm sure there are a few more doosies that I have forgotten. Library day is always something to look forward to :-)

Naptime Notebook said...

Yes! I'm coming over for Latkes!

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