Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Favorite Craigslist Purchase

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls -

So, in our house we love us some Craigslist, especially when it comes to kids' stuff.  One of our favorite and most used/loved purchases thus far has been a wooden train table.  When our oldest son was two years old we started stalking Craigslist for a simple wooden train table.  After a couple of weeks, we found the perfect table and the "deal" even came with lots of tracks, trains, and accessories.

I was really pregnant at the time, so I sent my husband with my son to pick it up.

My husband called me on the way home and said the table/trains/tracks were perfect but he felt a little guilty.  You see, the nine-year-old boy who previously loved all of the train stuff had been pacing around in the garage while my husband purchased it all.  My husband said the boy was torn and truly sad to see his childhood toys go.  I guess the nine-year-old was saving to buy a microscope and to do so he posted items on Craigslist.  I could feel his pain and I was pregnant hormonal, so I cried and vowed to make sure that this train table was loved and enjoyed for a long time...and it has been. (Embarrassing side note:  the pictures in this post were all archived - as in, I didn't take any new photos for this post - as in, what kind of dorks take multiple pictures of their Craigslist train table over the years?)

Here's a vintage picture of the train table.
Putting it all together.

Playing trains ... four years ago.

Sometimes we put other toys on the train table.
Slot cars ... and a train table in our dining room before we had dining furniture.

Here's a great thing about Craigslist:  because you are buying items, hopefully on the cheap, you sometimes feel more inclined to repurpose those items and really make them your own.  One afternoon my husband and son painted the underside of the train table.  They created a landscape that could accommodate castles and pirates.

It's well used ... sorry for the beat up paint picture.

Don't pirates always play with Medieval castles?
And of course the table is perfect for Legos.

Maybe someday we'll be posting this train table on Craigslist and searching for a microscope ourselves.  Until then, let's play trains/slot cars/pirates/legos!

Thanks Craigslist (and that nine-year-old boy),

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I'm surprised you haven't rigged that table to hold water so the pirates had a genuine body of water.  Or is that coming?  Also, how much did you score the table for?  Do you remember?

PS Your favorite Craigslist purchase has such a sweet story behind it--a beloved train table.  And my favorite purchase is probably a mahogany dresser I scored at a deal.  D'oh!

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