Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pictures from Halloween Pasts

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Mrs. K. and Mrs. G.,

So, admit it, you think I take every project a bit too far.  Perhaps the lemonade stand is a good example.  But, I'm telling you, I can't help it.  It's genetic!  I thought I'd share some proof today.  Here are photos of my siblings, cousins, and I walking in our town's Halloween parade 32 years ago.
Check out Mother Goose, Mary's sheep, Little Boy Blue, and the haystack.

I'm in the wagon dressed as Little Miss Muffet and there's a spider in there too.
My aunt and mother were totally over the top when it came to making costumes.  Each year they decided on a theme.  These pictures are from the "Mother Goose Comes to Life" theme.  As my mom says, in preparation for Halloween, "they didn't sleep or eat for months."  They made it all (and in a time without Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics).  They also scarred us all for life.  To this day, my brothers, cousins, and I refuse to wear costumes...a side effect of over the top I guess.  Does that mean my boys are going to hate lemonade?  Oh no, what have I done?

This is when we're accepting our award for Best Costumes.  According to my mom, we always won.

Check out my cousin.  He has asthma.  So basically, he's having a little trouble breathing in this picture...great costume though!
What's a Halloween Mother Goose theme without the book?  Oh yeah, they made that too.  And my brother in this picture...can you hear him begging my mom to take that d@*! costume off?
The Halloween themes went on for years.  There was Peter Pan and even a circus.  Sadly, (or fortunately if you ask us kids), we moved to Texas and the big Halloween themes came to an end.  Of course, that didn't stop my mom.  Check these out...
Space...and my brother and I look so happy about it.  
(I don't think I wear that much makeup now, mom.)

Here are two costumes she made for my brothers.  It's the Lone Ranger and Zoro.
My older brother to my younger brother, "Nice mustache."

It's true that we tease my aunt and mother for their Halloween antics, but looking at these pictures, I'm actually very impressed.  Nice job ladies (you've got great genes)!  I'm still not wearing a costume ever again though.

Later Ladies,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Two words:  corn husks.  Um, from now I on, I will refer to you and your mom as the Candy and Tori Spelling of Rochester.  Because Tori Spelling contends the reason she is OCD about parties and themes and presentation is because her mother was the ultimate party planner and passed it along.   You crazy Spellings.  Love the makeup and your deer-in-the-headlights stare for your astronaut photo.  Also, where is that haystack today?  And, kudos to your cousin for taking one for the team!  

One of my favorite Halloween memories:  my mother decided to have fun with our last name.  My maiden name is Tracy.  Remember Dick Tracy?  The movie?  My mom thought it would be funny to dress my brother up as Dick Tracy.  The kicker though is that she then dressed my little (probably five year old) sister up as Breathless Mahoney.  Don't remember Breathless?  She was played by Madonna.  Take that Honey Boo Boo.  Also, don't tell Candy of Rochester this--but in keeping with theme that year, I was a bum.  ?????

Breathless Mahoney and Dick Tracy.
I bet these Halloween costumes really DID scare my neighbors.  
Here is a quick shot from another Halloween.  My grandmother made us clown costumes.  On the top is my brother and I and the bottom is my son and daughter a couple years ago.  My point -- I think your little guy should forget the firefighter idea this year and be a haystack.  Get as much mileage out of that costume as possible!  Also, should I do bangs like that again?

Mrs. Gosling Comment:  Wait, what .. no Joanns or Michael?.  How did your Mom & Aunt even get these ideas without Pinterest?.  This is amazing.  I cannot believe the amount of time, effort and late night 5 finger discount thieving your Mom had to do at all the local apple orchards to "gank" those corn husks.  Seriously, that's $100 worth of corn husks.  Unreal! 

Mrs. Kelly - why weren't you Jessica rabbit?

I wish that I could participate in this Halloween nostalgia hour, but unfortunately back in the 80's ... cameras didn't exist.  Or at least that's what our mother always says.  She follows it up with "I was raising too many kids to take yo' pictures"  I think I was a crayon once out of poster board!  Ah memories!


David said...

When I was a kid, two of my friends and I decided to dress in similar costumes. The first year, we went as the Three Amigos...I still think that was about as awesome a costume as it gets. The next year, we went as a Three Musketeers. Not "the" Three Musketeers, but "a" Three Musketeers bar. I have no pictures of this, but I wish I did.

Naptime Notebook said...

I think it's funny that you not only went as a grouping of three but you also had to have the word "three" in your costume set. So the three billy goats gruff and three bears are still on the table. - Mrs. K.

marerich said...

What no Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz or Pinochio? Peter Pan was on the front page of the paper even! I could also send photos of more; like Gone with the Wind, Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, The Brady Bunch and the list goes on and on. It is true that the cousins still are complaing how we scarred them for life but I think "The Lady (aka Cousins) doth complain too much"!
(Love you Mrs W.)- The Aunt...

Naptime Notebook said...

You and my mom truly were just would have been fun to select our own costumes, at least once. As for the pictures, I'd love to see them. -Mrs. W.

Naptime Notebook said...

I want to see Peter Pan! - Mrs. K.

Bridge said...

I tried to find the photo of Dick Tracy, Breathless, and Hobo, but I couldn't. I did find Carrie and Bridget as bunnies and Kevin as a mummy.

sarah said...

i feel a little shafted as i made as very cute little bow peep and am nowhere to be seen in these photos :)

Naptime Notebook said...

I know, I can't believe that there are no photos of your costume. It's just as we always suspected, I guess. Now we have proof that the boys were always our mothers' favorites :)!

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