Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spooktacular Halloween Place Setting Crafts for Kids

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Girls, 

When roaming the aisles of Home Goods in search of another chotchkie, pillow, candle, or lamp that I don't need, I ended up in the seasonal Halloween aisle.  They had some cool stuff including a spiderweb place mat that got my creative juices flowing and my wallet seizing up (they were $5.99 each - over $24 for a set of four). The inspiration mats were round black fabric stitched with silver thread to look like a spiderweb.  I figured my boys and I could get the same look and save a whole bunch of money ... oh, and bond over crafts of course. 

Spiderweb Place Mats
Shopping List:
  • Black Felt (about 16 inches wide)
  • Puffy Fabric Paint (I wanted white but bought sparkles instead - totally worked out)

Step One:  Cut out four felt circles.  My son traced around a big plate with a grey crayon.halloween kids crafts
Step Two:  Paint your web:
  1. Paint a circle in the middle.
  2. Paint lines around the circle like a sunshine.
  3. Connect each line with a curved line (I did this part)

Spider Straws

When we finished the place mats, we wanted to make spiders to go with the webs.  Instead of just creating some that sat on the table, we decided to create spider straws.

Shopping List:
  • Round styrofoam balls (the ones you can paint)
  • Black paint (we just mixed every color we had to make black, but we did pick up some sparkly black that we painted as a top coat)
  • Googly eyes (with sticky backs)
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Straws
Step One:  Poke holes in the styrofoam balls.  We used a wooden skewer and then shoved straws in.

Step Two:  Paint the spider balls styrofoam balls
If you poke the straws into the underside of a cup, it makes it easy to paint them.

Step Three:  Cut pipe cleaners into four equal parts.  Insert four on each side.

Step Four:  Add eyes.

Step Five:  Add a clean, fresh straw (the other ones get paint on them).

Simple Halloween Cups
My son suggested that we paint some paper cups orange for the spider straws to go into.  We gave it a try, and it didn't work.  So, I got out some construction paper and stickers to create some "custom" Halloween cups...or you could skip all this and get yourself some orange cups.

Shopping List:
  • Paper cups
  • Orange construction paper
  • Stickers
Step One:  Take one paper cut apart along the seam to create a template to cut out the construction paper.

Step Two:  Cut out the paper that will cover the cups.

Step Three:  Decorate.

Step Four:  Tape the paper onto the cups.

Even Simpler "Silver"ware Setting
We had some plastic cockroaches around our house (who doesn't?) so we added those on top of the plastic silverware and napkins that we tied with black ribbon.   Simple and spooky, no?

After our crafting (and bonding?) was complete, we got out our Halloween decorations and set up a Halloween themed table.

halloween tablescape

Halloween here we come,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I can do you one better.  I've got REAL spiders in my house.  Hah!  Those place settings came out so cute and look relatively easy to make (translation:  I can make them).  I love the spider straws.  I wonder if you could perhaps make a smaller variety for a mom martini or a swizzle stick on my latte?  Wait, between the place settings and the spider cupcakes you made last week...was there a party I wasn't invited to?  

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