Friday, October 26, 2012

A Thanksgiving Kids' Table the Kids Can Make

Passing notes today:  Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Kelly


So, Mrs. Kelly got us brainstorming about a Thanksgiving kids' table.  Then, she got us really rolling when she made a Mayflower centerpiece.  She was inspired by a pricier version she had seen at Potter Barn Kids.  I'll let her fill you all in on that later though.

Once her Mayflower was complete, she left it at my house and I got started on all the other elements of the Thanksgiving kids' table.  Here's the thing, they're all super kid-friendly to create.  In fact, my oldest son did a ton of the Thanksgiving table prep.  He was just super confused about why we were doing it so early.  I tried to explain that it was all for you guys, but he still wasn't sold.  Even if he's not a Naptime Notebook fan, he is an awesome helper.  Check out what we made.

  • A roll of craft paper
Well, it doesn't get easier or more kid friendly than this...roll out some craft paper to create a Thanksgiving table"cloth."

Leaf Garland
  • Twine
  • Leaves
  • Mini-clothespins
All you need to do is collect a few leaves, tape up some twine, and clip them in place.  So easy and festive.

My little guy was so excited that he photo bombed this picture.

Napkin "Rings"
  • Tan Ribbon
  • Yellow Paper
  • Napkins and Silverware
I was inspired by a Pilgrim's hat and thought that the buckles could make a cute looking napkin ring.  I had my son cut out the some squares and cut two vertical slits along the side.  Then, he weaved the ribbon through the buckle.  I tied the back and just like that, we were done.

Sail Straws
  • Straws
  • White paper
  • Marker
In less than a few minutes you, too, can have yourself some sail straws.  I just had my little helper cut out the sail pattern, cut some slits in the sail, and pop it onto the straws.  Oh, and he added some stitching detail around the edges to look like Mrs. K.'s sails on the centerpiece.

Coloring Activity
  • Coloring Pages (printed from the internet)
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Crayons
  • Glue
We all know the kids will be up and out of their seats in no time on Thanksgiving.  So, we created a coloring activity using coloring pages we printed from the internet (in hopes of keeping them all busy).  I cut out two different sized pieces of scrapbook paper and my son glued them down to make a pocket for the coloring page and one for the crayons.  Now, if only keeping the kids away from the adult table was that easy.

Name Tags
  • Twine
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Marker
OK, so remember how my son was confused about the timing of this project?  Well, he was even more confused about the names I had him create for the name tags.  Try explaining the idea of a fake husband to a six-year-old...not pretty.  Making these name signs?  Pretty easy.  Just cut out some triangles for each letter in the child's name, write the name, and tape them along some twine strung up on the back of each chair.

And just like that, our crafting and tablescaping was complete.  Now, our kids' table is set and ready for the big feast (unless, of course, you were expecting that cool centerpiece back Mrs. Kelly).  I'm actually looking forward to the day even more now.  

Thanksgiving Placesetting Kids

The good thing is that I think there's still time to make some turkey or pilgrim hats for the kids to wear (and hate me for later).

Happy crafting,

Mrs. Gosling comment:  Awwwww, you made a seat for Ryan.  I will have to give him a call tonight and let him know!  Great job ladies.  I LOVE the teamwork and creativity.  The best part is, while the parents are sipping on some vino and talking about the "ol' days" ... the kids can be QUIETLY(?) coloring and talking about the maiden voyage to the promised land.  Food, geography, history and family!  Just what every holiday needs!!!

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Two things I love about this: 1.) The kids CAN do this.  They can go retrieve leaves while you are cooking, or watching the parade.  And, 2.) This was done on the cheap.  The only cost was paper and ink...and a basket if you don't have one.  Nicely done.  Also, I'm digging those mini-clothespins.  

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