Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Air Show Art

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Girls -

So, remember how I wrote to you about our Saturday at the Air Show?  Well, while walking along the runway on that hot, hot day, I had an idea.  Why not take a few close up photos of some planes and turn the pictures into art for my youngest son's room?  They would even complement some of the plane art already hanging in his room.
This is an old airline advertisement poster that I ordered from allposters.com and framed.

These guys are from etsy.  Cool, huh?

Now, we all know I'm no Ansel Adams, but I figured since my four-year-old's taste in photographic art isn't too sophisticated, I was safe (for now).  So, at the air show, when my boys were sitting inside the cockpit of a helicopter, I walked back to the historic aircraft and started snapping shots.  I figured if I included something red in each photo I could unify the "art" when it was time to hang it on the wall.

When I got home I cropped and edited the photos and then headed out to Target to get them printed.  While the 5 x 7 in. prints printed, my son and I headed to Michael's.  We found some black frames with mattes on sale.  Score!
I picked up some picture hooks at Target too.

At home it was just a matter of choosing which pictures to use.
Which four would you pick?

Placing the photos in the frames.

Hanging them all on the wall.

DURING: hanging the hooks.

DURING:  Halfway there,

framing close up photos

I'm happy with the framed photos.  I'm biased, though, because when I see them, I remember our day together as a family.  I hope my son will too.

From the hangar to wall hangings,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Beautiful job!  Love the pictures.  Love the idea. My favorite was the one in the middle...you didn't use it, so uh, you should send it to me.  :)

Mrs. Gosling:  I like how you chose a common color amongst all different planes.  Good idea!  Your "real" family is so lucky to have such an artistic Mama. 


sarah said...

well, it must be in the richards' blood because finley is airplane crazy as well. nice job on those. they look great. and here i thought you were a slacker like me. love ya.

Moe said...

Another great idea. I love how you didn't necessarily take a picture of the whole plane, just parts that suited your color scheme. So artsy!

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