Monday, October 22, 2012

Crafty Friend And A Fall Wreath

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Mrs. G. and Mrs. K.,

This year, instead of placing the same old TJ-Maxx-purchased wreath on my front door as autumn rolled in, I decided to reach out to one of my friends with some sweet wreath-making-skills and see if she would give me a little tutorial on making my own wreath.  And lucky for me she did.

Here's how we filled a Sunday together with shopping, hot glue guns, flowers, and crafting.

First stop, Michael's.  
My friend toured me all over the store.  It turns out that the artificial and dried flowers are everywhere. So, we spent a good amount of time finding flowers that didn't look too fake and that would accentuate our fall color theme.  This was actually fun.  It was basically a whole lot of, "let's put this one in the cart."

We picked up a grape vine wreath for the base.

Then, we placed all the flowers out on a table in Michael's and started editing.  (I've never been a good editor, I kind of just wanted to buy it all, so I did the best I could.)

(Turns out making your own wreath isn't cheap.  
However, it's still less expensive than the wreaths for sale in the store.)

Next stop, the kitchen table.
Once we got all the goods home, it was time to start taking all the flowers apart.  Yes, taking them all apart.  (There went my idea of just gluing the big bunches of leaves and berries onto the wreath.)

Every berry, every leaf, every twig gets peeled off its stem.

When we were done, we had lots of little piles of autumn stuff covering an entire table.

Then, we got our hot glue guns warmed up and went to town.  We glued the item and then stuck it to the wreath.  We started with the big stuff (like leaves) and then slowly added all the little stuff (like tinier leaves).  It actually took a bit of time.  I was lucky because I had help and really good company.

Check out the progression of the wreath.

Last stop, the front door.
I couldn't wait to get home and hang that wreath on the front door.

Here's the cool part, with the wreath displayed right on your front door, you get the, "I made that," feeling of pride every time you roll up and down your driveway.  I've decided that crafting with friends is where it's at.  Did I mention the yummy lunch and wine, oh, and that I left my boys behind so there were no kids?  A perfect day.

Come by and check out my new wreath,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Sweet!  I like the pops of purple.   


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Williams,

Your autumn wreath is STUNNING! I'd love to work with you on wreathes for family and friends! Start saving those coupons! Getting the flowers at 50% off makes an artisan wreathe MUCH more affordable!

P.S. I agree -- Sunday crafting with good friends and good wine is a perfect way to spend a day! Still smiling!

Moe said...

That came out beautiful! Seriously, so much prettier than the ones I've been seeing at Homegoods.

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