Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY: Graphic Letter Framed Art

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Dear Girls, 

First some music.  

Easy as one, two, three
Or simple as Do re mi
ABC, one, two, three, baby, you and me girl!

No, no .. this isn't your 7th grade talent show.  It's real time, real livin', real DIY'ing. Come on NOW!  You can feel the beat, can't you?!?  Well if not, I will jam to it for you ... or at least I did when creating this newest DIY-use-what-you've-got-in-house-to-reinforce-reading-and-writing project.

I was looking for ways to fill empty walls, infuse fantastic color into the room and amp up the letter art.  I'm sure that we have all been there - "why will our children only write in CAPS?"  Are they secretly screaming at us, is it what we have taught them ... is it just cooler?  Who knows!  BUT, I do know that it can't go on forever, so I had to find a way to teach munchkin #1 that lower case letters are just as cool and useful as uppers.  The trick:  keeping it stealth mode without him knowing - make wall art!

I started with searching online for some inspiration.  I checked out the usuals:, land of nod, pottery barn kids, ETSY.  After a long search and dead end,  I kind of came up with my own design.  And by my design, I mean a collaborative partnership between The Don and myself.  Basically, I told him what I wanted and he magically created it.  He's good for something, right?  I kid, I kid.  He cleans kitchens too!!!!

This is what came home:

Don't mind the crazy lady in the reflection! 

It looks easy, right?  It really was.  Like I previously mentioned, I was lucky enough to have my hubby create the graphic at work BUT I could have done it at home.  You can use Microsoft word, print shop, Microsoft publisher, any graphic software .....  We chose to repeat the ABC's 2 times in order to capture our son's name.  We bolded his letters and since orange was the room's accent color it was a no-brainer what the contrasting font color should be.  The frame was a "cellar dweller" from a previous life and the print out is 24 x 36" in size.  Once created, find a local print shop or Kinko's (eek, sorry hun).   It shouldn't cost more than $15 - $20 to print.  I hung it with 3M command strips, figuring it will take some hits from soccer balls and wrestling tykes.  Easy on, easy off, easy to realign.

BEST PART:  No, not the cost or the amount of wall space that this filled .... the letter reinforcement.  We have already seen a difference in the way our son goes to bed and what he does after he gets in bed.  He used to sing, look at books, torment his little brother.  Now, when I go in later to turn the light off, there are pages full of writing and he is covered in his sight words.  He also has taken a liking to lower case letters.  I'm sure that the new school year has something to do with it and responsibility to his academics BUT just maybe, the wall art did too.

Happy reading and writing!

Mrs. Williams Comment:  Did I read that right?  Your son is voluntarily reading books and practicing site words?  Can I order a few of those posters?  Maybe...ten?

Mrs. Kelly Comment: I like how you bolded the letters in his name.  Also, like the's pretty substantial.  And definitely like the price. I think you could use the same thing and bold the letters to say different things like "love" or "family" or "Gene Kelly."


Moe said...

Very cool. You Naptime Notebook ladies should start an Etsy shop.

Naptime Notebook said...

Hah...yes. Or did you mean Regretsy?

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