Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY: Letter Wall Art - Cardboard Letters

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Dear Girls, 

Munchkin's Wall Art
Brought to you by the letter "P."  
Stay tuned next week for the room reveal!

This is not your average paper mache art project.  I'm not talking about messy, sticky white craft hour of 1987.  This is a modern, easy, bold, funky and CHEAP way to dress up a wall.  Recently, I have started decorating the kids' rooms with their names.  I think that it offers a fresh and funky twist to a drab wall.  It also puts a huge smile on their faces when they see their name or first name letter in their room.  Anything to see those baby blues and pearly whites!!!

And it all starts here: 
A craft paper mache letter.  You can find these almost anywhere:  Joanns, Michaels, ACMoore,  If you are lucky enough to pick one of these up at a local craft store, don't forget to grab your coupon - check your weekend papers, smartphone apps or internet.  You can usually grab a letter for under $5 (20" letter, orig. $10). 
Now, you don't need to use these acrylic paints.  I mean, MARTHA is the Queen of DIY and perfection - but there are many different brands..  I have been really happy with her line and colors though.  They are affordable and nice quality - roughly $1.50 for a bottle.
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Any of these will do.  If you can paint with it, use it.  The acrylic paint dries really fast and the paper mache soaks it up evenly.  I usually do 2 coats.  Lay your letter out on newspaper on the kitchen counter and get painting.  You can finish the whole project in about 15 minutes. 
3M 17023P 6 Count Large Command Mounting Strips
Let the letters dry over night.  In the morning, they will be ready to hang.  I always use command strips for an easy and mess-free installation.  Really?  One of the best parts of this project, in addition to the size, color and price - is the safety factor.  The letters are so light weight that if they get knocked around and come tumbling down, they aren't going to hurt any noggins.  Not to mention - the ABC art will get those little brains working away and thinking about reading & writing.  Inspiration is all around and where better to start - in their rooms. 

Here are a few more ideas:
  Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Hope you got some letter inspiration.  I'll be back next week with a makeover of my first grader's room that we completed under $15.  You can see how we used our letter art to decorate!

Can't wait to "C" what you come up with,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  So, I saw this and copied you.  You know what they say about imitation.  First, I had been looking at the Harper letters at PBKids that are priced at $59 a piece.

Yikes!  So instead I grabbed a coupon and bought a cardboard letter for under 6 dollars.  I painted mine yellow.  Thanks for the tip!  Also, you are so right about hanging things.  I always wonder when I see some of the nurseries and children's rooms whether the designers really have children.  Like when I see a big shelf hanging over a crib.  Ahhh!  That's a recipe for disaster in my house.  Love that these are lightweight and won't hurt anyone.
Here's a photo I snapped with my phone!


Moe said...

Great Idea. Like, Mrs. Kelly, I've eyed the letters in PBK for years but refuse to pay their ridiculous asking price. I'm totes stealing this.

Naptime Notebook said...

Ok, send a pic when you're done!

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