Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY - Personal Colorforms

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Dear Girls,

I recently got my craft on and made a fun photo project.  Remember Colorforms?  They were those sticky paper-doll like forms that we loved to arrange.

I remembered Parents Magazine doing their own version with pictures and shapes for your refrigerator.  But I thought it would be fun to use personal photos and have a smaller surface to work with. I made my own. Here's how:

1.  First, I bought a cookie sheet at the dollar store.  

2.  Then, I cut some contact paper I already had and placed it on the sheet to serve as a backdrop.   

3.  Next, I went and bought these magnetic printer sheets at Staples.  They are kind of expensive ($8.99 for 4 sheets) so you want to make sure you get the most for your money when you start printing!

4.  After that, I sorted through my pictures.  I selected the ones I wanted and then cropped the photos using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  This way I wasn't wasting print space with unnecessary photo excess.  I copied and pasted the pictures into a Word document when I was finished editing.  When you are in Word, you can size the pictures by grabbing the handles in the corners.  This way you can size everything similarly.  Or, at least have a frame of reference.  

5.  While in my Word document, I also added some fun words to print.  I figured it would be a good way to encourage reading and fun with words.

I tried to get as much on one sheet as possible and printed the sheet.  *Wait a few minutes before you start cutting because sometimes the ink still needs to dry!


6.  Finally, I cut my pictures and added them to the cookie sheet!
 (sorry for the glare)

Here's the true test.  My daughter loved it.  I think you could use this concept to make a chore chart or sight word list or advent calendar or honey do list (what?!). 



Total Costs
1 Magnetic Sheet = $2.25
1 Cookie Sheet =$1.00

About $3.25 for a fun, personalized gift!

***Please be careful with little ones and magnets.  I speak from personal experience.  Ingesting a magnet is very dangerous.  So keep the colorforms away from the real wee ones!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make a Gene Kelly / Brian Williams / Ryan Gosling sheet for the girls. 

Stickin' to it, 
Mrs. Gosling Comment:  Woo Hoo!   I cannot wait for my Ryan Gosling one.  Can I also get Tom Silva from "This Old House Classic?"  I really love this project and I think that it could be used in so many ways.  You got it going on Mrs. K!!!!  Refrigerator puzzles are spinning through my head right now.  Great stocking stuffer idea!!!    

Mrs. Williams Comment:  I love this idea Mrs. Kelly.  I'm wondering...when you make me the Brian Williams personalized colorform, can I have an accordion as one of the accessories, too?

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Gosling, I can't believe you'd ditch Ryan for Tom.  Those Boston accents get ya every time.  And Williams, yes I'll give you an accordion and also a haystack.  


Bridge said...

I love these! You are so crafty.

Naptime Notebook said...

Want me to make one for the hospital? Send me a pic of your scrubs.

Moe said...

Where on earth do you come up with ideas like this?!!!! You blow me away with your crafty, creative genius! On a side note, A & D's birthdays are only a few months away, wink wink. And if you have the time, I would like a magnetic tray with all my favorites from US Weekly. Like, give me a magnetic Lindsay Lohan and a magnetic parked car and I could spend hours involving her in pretend hit-and-runs. Bonus points if you throw in a bleary-eyed Amanda Bynes and a Kim & Kanye set in matching sneakers.

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