Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Grade Bedroom Makeover: Under $15

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Dear Girls,

Well, it's about that time.  What, you ask?!? For my sewing office (room full of clutter that is so embarrassing I wouldn't let the Direct TV guy in it) to go and for Munchkin #1 to get his own BIG BOY FIRST GRADE ROOM. 

For the past 2 years, the two oldest boys have been sharing a room so I could have an office.  Well, times are changing and so are they.  Boy #1 is a little more neat, a little more organized and doesn't appreciate his items to be "messed with."  Boy #2???  There is no way to explain his wild and energetic passion for life, so I will leave it at that! 

Back story:  When my hubby and I moved to this house 4 years ago, we had a 2 year old and a 3 week old.  I spent that summer with munchkin #2 in the baby bjorn, painting the house.  I would give the older one a paint brush, send him in front of me and I would paint behind him with the roller.  It was a partnership, a production line, quality time spent between a Mom and her boys.  At the time, it was stressful and tiring.  Now looking back at it, it was wonderful.  We were turning a so-so house into a home, me and my boys.  So I found myself a little sad painting this room.  It was originally the nursery where I painted a tree to branch over the crib next to the window. 

But it was time for something new, something fresh and something a little more grown up.  Today First grade, tomorrow college!  

Prep work began and I had some help with that.  We had to remove all the anchors and nails from any existing hangings.  Munchkin #3 is handy with the pliers.

After all the anchors were pulled out and the holes were scraped for a flush surface, I kicked everyone out and started to spackle the holes.  Spackle, dry, sand, spackle, dry, sand.!  After that, two coats of primer and we were ready for finish paint.

Look at those baby blues and juice mustache!  How could I deny him his own room?

We painted and painted and painted (actually, he went to the Y with the crew and I painted while rockin' out to Billy Joel).  To add some depth to the room, I did a thick stripe in a contrasting color.  It's super easy. 

How To Add A Stripe:
Step 1:  Decide how thick you want the stripe to be, horizontal or vertical.
Step 2:  Buy Blue painters tape or Edgelock Green tape
Step 3: Measure your starting point and make a level line off of that.  Don't worry if it ends up not so perfect.  I haven't met a wall/window yet that is plumb or level.  Once the room is decorated, no one will notice either way.  No worries, no worries!
Step 4:  Paint thin coats.  I can't stress this enough.  The thinner, the better!  You don't want paint globbing up and getting underneath your painter's tape or pulling away when you remove it.  I had to do 2 coats here.  Voila!

paint stripes on wall

Remember, I purchased the "P" at Joann Fabrics.  It is a paper mache letter, you can find them in all different sizes.  I used a 40% coupon and painted it with Martha Stewart acrylic paint - Carrot.  I love using these letters because they are SO affordable and make a really bold statement in a room.  I always hang them with command strips for easy removal.  The total cost was $6 for the letter. 

I had these 2 frames laying around from our old house.  One had glass in it and one did not.  I created the ABC graphic to spell out our son's name and to reinforce lower case letters. I am lucky because my hubby is in the "biz" and I had this printed for free.  Thanks Babe!   I wrapped fabric around the frame cardboard and inner-twined orange ribbon to create a memo board.  You can attach the ribbon with tape or staples.  Because the cardboard wasn't that thick, I went with the tape. 

And then, the room was done.  I really enjoyed working on this room again BECAUSE we were able to:

  • purge things we didn't need anymore
  • clean up all of my office items and neatly organize them
  • almost everything in the room was borrowed from somewhere else in the house - MAJOR   SAVINGS
  • involve munchkin #1 in the remodel, for a second time
  • see the look on his face when it was completed.
Oh yea, and it cost under $15.  My only expenses were the "P" and some command strips. 

Not bad for less than $15!

Are you thinking of doing a room over?  I bet you can find everything you need right under your nose.  I'd love to hear about your remodels ... past, present or future.

Go Cuse,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Will you come to my house and paint a stripe somewhere?  Also, what colors did you paint the room / stripe?  I'm diggin' it.  You put them to work early!

Mrs. Gosling comment:  The room colors are:  Eddie Bauer Wicker (dark) and Sesame (light).  I had both the gallons in the house because the living room/dining room are those colors.  A friend told me awhile ago to stick with one paint company, Eddie Bauer it was.  The colors are warm and neutral, perfect for most living spaces.  The kids:  they all have their own wheelbarrows too.  What can I say, they are like their Dad - workers! 

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Mrs. Stevens said...

I am always amazed when I see NN posts where kiddos are wielding a paintbrush in y'alls home improvement projects. Mrs. Williams puts them to work early, too. I feel like handing my son a paintbrush (in a non-kids craft related context) would just be asking for trouble.

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