Monday, October 29, 2012

Football Party Invite

 Passing notes today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls, 

In the spirit of football season, I thought I'd share an idea for a football party invitation and/or a place card.  My son and I made these last year after he brought home a party planning book from the library (I mentioned his nonfiction ways in a note I passed before).  Last winter, he wanted to have a Superbowl party and since I love the dips and snacks associated with cheering for a football team, I was totally willing to help him put it all together.  Here's the invitation we made last February:

These invitations are the hand-deliver kind.
We did a bunch to prepare for that Superbowl party aside from the invitations.  We bought Dollar Store decorations (real highbrow, I know), made a football pinata, prepared snacks and food, and then...the boys got sick. canceled!    

My oldest son has not let his football-party-dreams die.  So this weekend we put together some football party supplies and turned those invitations into place cards.  If you'd like to have a party of your own or if you've always wanted a way to use the free artificial turf samples at Home Deport, read on.
All you ned is some Magic clay, white out, pipe cleaners, tape, hot glue, and some turf samples from Home Depot.  Yes, I took this many samples.  Yes, I looked like a crazy lady.  Yes, I just walked in, took them, and left.

First, I used masking tape to create lines on the turf.

Then, I dabbed some White Out along the lines.

My son made some air-dry-clay footballs.

I used a single pipe cleaner to fashion a goal post and hot glued it down on the turf.

My son made some flags for the place cards.  We just used a coffee stirrer for the handles.

We ended up getting our football on and fashioned some plasticware settings with a strip of football paper from Michaels.

I recruited my husband to make the football field table runner out of wrapping paper.
Now we're totally ready for a football party.  What are you two doing next Sunday?  I hope our fake husbands show up because we have place cards for them.

See you then,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I want to come!

Mrs. Gosling comment:  Ryan and I will be there ... leaving the kids at home!

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