Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If There's Something Strange In The Neighborhood...

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Dear Girls,

Where are they when you need them?  We have ghosts in our neighborhood.  For reals!

The other day I came home to find this:

There inside the bag was an anonymous note that explained we had been ghosted.  What is ghosting, you ask?  Well it turns out it's kind of like a chain letter except instead of waiting endlessly to get a letter or a bunch of new books that will never arrive, you get stuff upfront.  Sounds good to me.

I had never heard of ghosting until this week.  At first, I thought it was something my friends made up...like the time Mrs. Gosling asked me if I had ever forked a yard (she claims that shoving kitchen utensils into lawns is common practice in Western New York.  Doesn't that sound like something Rose Nylund would come up with on the Golden Girls?)  Anyway, unlike forking a yard, ghosting is taking neighborhoods by storm!  And why not?  It's a fun way to brighten someone's day.  My kids LOVED their little bag of goodies.  

Don't know if you can tell from this picture but the bag of animal cookies was opened within seconds...before I could even snap a picture.  They loved these coloring masks too!

Of course, we had to return the favor. We filled our own bag and included a ghost letter.  We also added a couple Halloween Z bars, apples, Hershey kisses and K cups for the parents.  And then, we stalked our neighbor's house until it was safe to make our delivery.  Incidentally, ghostingitforward.org has great ghosting instructions along with a printable note!

Parents should get something too, no?

It's really the thought that counts.   I love it.  I'm ghosting everyone now.  Why limit to two or three?

Has anyone else had ghosts in their neighborhood? What did you get?  Or, what did you leave?  Also, ghosting shouldn't just be for kids.  You could ghost someone a pumpkin roll, a bottle of wine, a book you've read or if you're Mrs. Gosling, a box of plastic forks.  

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

Happy ghosting, 

PS If you ever wake up with forks in your yard, you know the culprit.  Hint:  not a ghost.

Mrs. Goslings comment: 
A - You have never lived until you have forked someone's yard in high school (or put a toilet on the grass)
B -  Ghosting is super hip!  We were ghosted and received scary stickers, smarties and skull straws
C -  Mrs. K, you better turn your flood lights on tonight.  I went to BJ's and got a 600 pack of flatware yesterday. MMUUUAAAHHH!

Mrs. Williams comment:  Wait a minute Mrs. Kelly...you put K-cups in your ghost bag?  I'm moving to your neighborhood...like tomorrow (well, definitely before the Halloween season ends).


Moe said...

Awww. This makes my heart happy. What a great way to unexpectedly put a bright spot in someone's day. I'd love to start something like this in my neighborhood, but I feel like there would be a lack of reciprocity. Am I the only person who lives in an area where people tend to only acknowledge their neighbors if they're caught at the mailbox or dragging their trash cans to the curb at the same time? Proper Richmonders, I've come to find, may not engage in forking (WHAT THE H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, Mrs. Gosling?!!!), but they don't seem to engage in random gifts of K-cups, either. They're too busy practicing cool, detached aloofness. Maybe the good Yankee (me), should show these southerners a thing or two about friendly community spirit and institute an autumnal ghosting period. I mean, Dunkin' Donuts coffee and chocolate kisses? Who couldn't get behind that? One question, though: How do you make sure that every family is hit and that, say, the Kelly family isn't ghosted repeatedly? You want to make sure the iced animal cracker lover gets spread around, no?

Also, I think Mrs. Eastman told me that they do this in her neighborhood as well, only they call it something different - "booing" maybe? as in, "We've been boo'd!"

Booing, ghosting, whatever. Just leave the K-cups in my mailbox and run.

Naptime Notebook said...

Well, here's my take on it...1.) I don't think it has to be limited to neighbors and 2.) being ghosted more than once is a good thing any way you slice it. But, if you really want to follow the rules (don't know who came up with these) you can keep a taped up ghost on your door so people know you've been boo'd, ghosted, gifted or whatevhs. PS I think it's also acceptable for people to be ghosted long distance. Watch out!

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