Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkins at Powers

Passing notes today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Mrs. K. and Mrs. G.,

Our family has much to be grateful for...our health, our loved ones, our happiness, and especially this time of year...our proximity to Powers Farm Market.  I mean, girls, Powers is a couple of miles down the road and it's like our Disney World, our happiest place on Earth during the autumn months.  Any given afternoon I can be heard saying, "Get in the car boys, we're going to Powers."  

Truly, Powers is great during all of its operating months with its farm market, flowers, and animals.  But, during the autumn months its more than just mums and pumpkins and apple cider.  For our family, it's really all about one thing...the teepees. 

There's over 100,000 corn stalks on these teepees.

These teepees are the world's largest.  Impressive!

Sorry about this fuzzy photo, the teepees are super dark inside.  Lining one teepee are carved pumpkins all the way to the top.  The Powers family reports that 1,200 pumpkins are carved throughout the season for the teepee.

The other main teepee is filled with spooky, glow-in-the-dark things 
(and usually my son jumping out to scare me every time).
Once the boys (and I) have been through the teepees countless times, we check out all the other wonders at Powers like the pumpkins,

the animals,

I'm pretty sure that goat is thinking, "oh yeah, that's the spot, right there."
the hayride,

The hayride goes through a haunted forest.
and we usually end it all (after some hand sanitizer, you know with the goats and all) with some doughnuts from inside the market.

I'd write more, but just looking at those teepees and seeing those doughnut pictures makes me want to get out of here.  

"Get in the car boys, we're going to Powers."

See you there,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Yea, I love all farms / farm markets...especially where cider and donuts are sold.  The nice thing about Powers is that you can literally run in and out...or make an afternoon out of it depending on your mood.  Was that on your list of criteria for house hunting?  Hardwood floors, 2 baths, 1 mile from Powers..

Mrs. Gosling comment:  I am digging on your sons' social schedule.  Can I tag along? It looks like a great day at the farm.  Be honest, the teepee interior is scary, right?  Totally awesome, but a little scary!

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