Monday, October 8, 2012

ReStore Remodel - Piano Bench

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls,

So, I'd been meaning to get to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Resale Outlet for years.  No joke.  Somehow this weekend, I finally got there.  If you haven't been, it's basically a warehouse (in Rochester) with donated home improvement supplies, house accessories, and appliances.  I roamed the aisles dreaming up project after project...maybe a mudroom, or new tile in the foyer, or a new light fixture in the dining room, or even a glass door for the laundry room to let in more light.  I'm telling you there were aisles and aisles of ideas, until I stumbled upon this idea.

A piano bench.  For the piano we don't have.  But it has potential right?  I thought I could reupholster it with a cute cushion and add piping (even though I've never done that) and we could put it someplace fun (even though I had no idea where), so of course, I bought it for $5.

Ain't she a beauty?

Then, I went shopping at JoAnn's for foam, fabric, and trim.  After that, I dragged my son to Home Depot where they mixed us up a sample size of paint.

When, we got home, we painted.  Of course my sons wanted in on the action.  So, I gave them each a tiny brush and said they could paint "the most important part."  My oldest son saw right through my antics, but my youngest son was thrilled.

This bench took three coats.
 My husband was on ugly-vinyl-cushion-cover-removal duty.
 I was all about sewing the cushion and adding the piping.  I watched a few YouTube videos to learn.
Here's the cushion sewing process in a nutshell...cut out the fabric, sew all the sides together in a loop.  Sew the trim onto the loop of side fabrics.  Sew the top onto the sides.  (You should just watch the videos.)  As I was sewing the cushion, I was thinking, "man, it would really suck to screw this up, since I'm now stitching the trim all the way around."  And guess what?  I totally screwed it up.  It turns out that you should take really careful measurements with cushion making.  So, I sewed this cushion twice.  It was awesome.
Once the cushion was sewed (twice), I stapled it over the foam and onto the board (No pictures of this, sorry.)  Then, I hot glued the trim on the bottom of the board.   
Finally, I hot glued black fabric on the underside of the bench to cover up the staples and edges from the top cushion and piping.

Here's the final product...

And some before and afters...

The last step was finding a place for it. 
Note:  All the junk normally on my sewing table has been placed behind me for this photo.
Here's a rundown on cost:
Bench - $5
Paint - $3
Foam - $2.00 (it was a remnant)
Fabric - $1.80 (on sale)
Piping - 1 at $1.99 and the other at $1.20 (with 40% off coupon)
TOTAL:  $14.99 (not including tax and the hot glue and the staples and my sweat and tears)

Anyway, I'm off to the ReStore Resale Outlet, we need a piano,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  That's awesome!  I love the fabric choice.  I'd say that was 15 bucks well spent.  Btw, I also love that you watched a YouTube video and just whipped up a cushion cover with piping. Whaaa?!  I'd have watched that video and threw a pillow on the bench.  Which leads me to my next item of discussion.  You need to pay it forward and make a YouTube tutorial on haystack costumes. Tell Candy!

Mrs. Gosling comment:  I'm intrigued and I have finally decided what your true calling is.  Making cushions for patio furniture!  That piping work is DA BOMB.  Very nice!  Weren't you talking about shaking up your sunroom?  I can't wait to see the fabric work in there (sorry Mrs. W's real hubby). 


Moe said...

That came out absolutely gorgeous. I am continually amazed by your skills on the Singer, Mrs. Williams! People like you are dangerous, though. It makes people like me (lazy and not nearly as crafty) believe that maybe we too could somehow pull off something similar even though we lack both the know-how and the motivation to successfully complete such a project.

Case in point: my husband and I bought a cheap, cushion-less bench at Christmas Tree Shops once years ago, and I decided to make a cushion for it. Unlike you, however, who properly pipes and sews and all that good stuff, I basically gift wrapped a piece of foam with some remnants I found at Joanne's, and held the fabric in place with - are you ready for this? - straight pins. Straight pins that occasionally would pop though the foam and poke some poor, unsuspecting individual in the rear as they tried to lace up their Sorels. That individual was usually me, but sometimes my husband. When my then-toddler started crying one day because a straight pin was stuck in the side of his arm like he had visited some back-alley acupuncturist, I knew it was time to declare defeat on my half-hearted attempt at cushion-making. And thus I tip my hat to you for showing us the proper way to go about such an endeavor. Actual measurements and piping = Yes! "Eyeballing" cutting the foam and sharp needles = No!

On a side note, we have one of those ReStores down here in Richmond too. I definitely must go check it out.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Mary Beth -

Your bench came out great. I love your helpers - especially the little paint helper. XO. Love the name of your blog - very clever and Oh so true what we try to accomplish during naptime. Thanks for taking time to say hi.

My best- Diane

Naptime Notebook said...

Hi Moe, Mrs. Williams here. So, I did a little research on no-sew cushions and I think you should check out what Diane suggests on her blog, In My Own Style... turns out that you were on the right track with the pins...except she used safety pins. You were so close! Maybe you should give it another go. Do you think your toddler will trust you though?

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