Wednesday, November 7, 2012

25 Things I'm Thankful For As A Mom

Dear Girls, 

You know how I love a good list.  Because this is our giving thanks week I wanted to share 25 things that I'm grateful for as a mom.  

1.  Spanx  
Who doesn't LOVE rear-shaping technology?  
Am I right?

2.  Pumpkin Coffee.  You're so much more than a novelty coffee to me PC.  

3.  Shopping carts that can restrain...I mean, harness safely...three children. 

Aw, look how happy and confined everyone is.
And nobody is scaling a soup can display.

4.  Starbucks drive-thrus

5.  Yoga Pants - They're the classy older sister of sweats. 

6.  Photoshop.  By the way, if you get my holiday card and think I am looking even more like Olivia Wilde, I really am.  

7.  The fact that Facebook did not exist when I had perms. Or throughout my entire adolescence. 

8.  Restaurants with crayons.  

9.  Mad Men.  Even this past season.  Cheers Don. 

10.  Showers that last more that four minutes and don't involve strategy (And,'s in a crib, two are watching Phineas and Ferb...Quick.  Lather, time for repeat!)

11.  Gene Kelly

12.  Vanity Sizing - What?  I'm totally the same size as Kelly Ripa.

13.  Shout Wipes and Magic Erasers

14.  Crockpots

15.  A ten year window before any of my kids drive a car.

16.  Velcro Sneakers - for them, not me.  Ok, for both of us.

17.  Smart Phone - GPS when I'm lost (frequently), Youtube for entertaining the kids and an app so I never forget a coupon's a magical box.

18.  The good fortune to be blessed with being the last stop on the bus route - hey, we get about thirty extra minutes than the first person.  Don't worry we'll end up number one next year because I'm mentioning this. 

19.  A sunny day when I've flat-ironed my hair--because as a general rule, me spending lots of time on my hair is a great predictor of rain.

20.  When daddy gets home...better, when daddy gets home early!

"Oh, hello Ward."  Let's bring back the name Ward.

21.  Bronzer (my foundation shade at Clinique is Casper)

22.  Clean Bathrooms.  I was always grateful for any clean room but now that I have little ones I'm especially appreciative of a clean powder room.  Yes, powder room. What of it?

23. Pairs of in a matching left and right.  I don't know where all the socks go in our home but there is a little sock elf laughing maniacally in a corner somewhere.  I haven't seen the matching Kermit sock since 2010. 

24. Free Babysitters (Speaking of which--what IS the going rate?)


As always, I'd love to hear what you're thankful for. 

Embracing mismatched socks and rear shaping technology,

Mrs. Williams:
26.  Friends that keep it real, "No, Mrs. Williams, you can not pull off those skinny jeans."

Mrs. Gosling:  I second that (friends that keep it real, not skinny jeans .... this tush hasn't seen those in a while).  Mrs. K, you keep a sister laughing even at 11 o'clock at night.  Oh wait ...

27:  Sunday night tv shows:  Boardwalk Empire and Homeland - HOLLA!

28:  Hubbys that will do the dishes, take out the garbage and get up before the sun!

1 comment:

David said...

29. WKids at Wegmans...I went in there last week with the three crazies for just a few things, and it was great to drop off two of them for a few minutes. Plus, alone time with Bubba (that's not at 2 a.m.)!

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