Monday, November 12, 2012

A Thankful Craft - Thankgiving Garland

Passing notes today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey ladies,

Since it's the season of gratitude and counting our blessings, I thought I'd create a craft that would allow my family and I to put those blessings in writing.  To make the craft, all we had to do was buy some supplies from Michael's, warm up the hot glue gun, find some paper and crayons, and have a conversation about giving thanks.  I've included the steps in case you'd like a little "Give Thanks" garland at your house. 

kids thanksgiving craft

Step One:  Shop

  • Paint (I chose colors to coordinate with some wooden owls I found)
  • Rope/twine
  • 10 wooden circles
  • Wooden letters
  • Small clothespins

Step Two:  Paint
The boys painted the circles and letters (and then I repainted them...quality control).

Step Three:  Glue
There's actually three gluing steps with this craft.  First, glue the letters onto the circles.  Then, glue the clothespins onto the backs of the circles.  Finally, glue the backs of the circles onto the rope.  I measured the rope to fit across our window by our dining table so we could look at it a lot.  I tried to space the letters equally and created a spacing template with a piece of paper.

Step Four:  Put it in Writing
My oldest son was totally into writing the people (family members) and things (Legos) that he was thankful for.  My youngest son happily added details to simple pictures I drew for him.  My husband drew pictures and I added words.  It turned out to be a sweet family moment, us all writing what we're thankful for.  I'm glad I have pictures.  This way I can look back at them when it's pure chaos and sibling rivalry around here.

I have more paper and crayons on hand so that we can add more people/things we're grateful for.

Step Five:  Smile
So, this craft isn't too glamorous.  If I'm being totally honest, it's a bit bright for my taste (next time, I'll use more natural colors).  However,  the words, the pictures, the moment that we all paused and felt grateful...they make me smile.

You know, I saw a sign in Home Goods that said "It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy."  I say, "True that Home Goods."  

I know what I'm adding to the banner tonight girls..."friends,"

P.S.  I'm also busy creating free resources for teachers at my Brain Waves Instruction store.  If you're a teacher, stop by and see what's new.  

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I can stand behind any craft where the first step says "shop."  Kidding aside, this is such a sweet project to do with the kids and would be a fun new tradition.  This time of year gets so crazy.  It's nice to stop and reflect.  Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Gosling Comment:  I love the one that says "Our Boys."  That is such a nice idea and a quick and easy twist on a traditional garland.  Your boys are such good helpers!!!!

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