Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cone Christmas Trees - Five Ways

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Guys, 

Estate sales.  Love them.  Last weekend I was driving down the road, and like a mirage in the distance, I saw an estate sale sign, and of course, I made a sharp (and slightly dangerous) right-hand turn.  Within minutes I was in some basement of some house on some street looking for some thing.  Then, I found it...old maps of Europe and old sewing patterns from the 70's.  I knew they'd be perfect for Christmas trees.  You're thinking, "what?"  Well, read on ladies.  I used those maps, patterns, and some other craft supplies to create five Christmas cone-shaped trees to add to our holiday decorations this year.

Tree One:  Old Maps
Here's one of the maps and the Styrofoam tree I used.

First, I cut two-inch strips of the map.

 Then I made some fringe.

Finally, I pinned the map fringe around the cone.

I found a wooden spool at Michael's.  I just set the tree on top of it for some height.

Tree Two - Patterns
I used the old patterns on this tree.

 While I was cutting up the patterns into long strips, I was thinking, "Now, I won't ever be able to sew that 70's jumpsuit."

Wrapping the pattern strips around was really easy.  I just secured them with pins each time one strip ended and I had to add another.  I'm sure you could glue them down, too, if you wanted something more permanent. 

My last step was hot-gluing some silver beads around the tree.

Tree Three - Twine
For this tree, I used a big cardboard cone, some twine, and some ropey-green ribbon.

I had some spray adhesive, so I sprayed a layer of that on the cone before wrapping the twine around.  I think it would totally work without the spray, too, though.

I topped it with a sparkly bird that I got out of the $1 bin at Michael's.

My last step was adding some green ribbon around the cone for a little color.

Tree Four - Paper
While shopping around Michael's I found some double-sided scrapbook paper.  I picked that pack of paper and this medium-sized cone right up.

I cut the scrapbook paper into strips and then curled the edges by running my scissors along the paper (like curling ribbon).  Then I just used masking tape to tape the paper to the cone.

Tree Five - Yarn
This tree is my personal favorite.  I used thick yarn, some pom pom ribbon (I love me some pom poms, I even made Mrs. Kelly use them here), and a medium sized Styrofoam cone.

The ribbon kind of sticks to the cone as you wrap it.  So, this step is super easy and fun.

Then, with a quick wrapping of pom poms and a sparkly ball on top (yup, from the $1 bin), this tree was done.
This tree is resting on top of a wooden candle stick from Michael's.

 Here's how they all look together:

I'm nuts about the yarn tree, so next year I'm thinking I'll do a whole bunch with different yarn or embellishments.  Until then, I plan to enjoy them all and keep my eye out for more estate sales, of course.

Off to my next sale, 

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  I like the map tree!  I'm evergreen with envy for your mad crafting skills. Also, despite my love for the pattern tree I am a little disappointed (being honest) that I will not be getting a holiday jumpsuit from you this Christmas.  I just saw Kim Kardashian wearing one yesterday...guess she skipped over that tree.  Nice job!

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