Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY: Magnetic Chalkboard - Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Hello ladies!

So, the kitchen is getting a little overwhelmed with school projects, calendars, paper and magnets.  In an effort to keep all of these things organized, I have decided to make part of our refrigerator surround, a magnetic chalkboard.  I also wanted something to use during the holidays as a way to write fun messages and add to the decor.

There are things about our kitchen that I love; the open concept, the large peninsula, the height.  There are things that I don't love about our kitchen;  the builder grade cabinets in honey oak and the large and un-aesthetically pleasing refrigerator surround.   My Hubby also got a new chop saw for his birthday (holla) and I am dying to use it. All these signs pointed to me making my own magnetic chalkboard.

I started poking around pinterest and houzz for some inspiration for my project.  I came across a few pictures that got the creative juices flowing.  Remember, I wanted to have somewhere to put a seasonal or inspirational message, ABC magnets for the little ones and a place to put weekly art projects.  Pretty much just wanted to bust out the chop saw though - so this seemed like an affordable, easy project to start with. 

Here is my supply list:

19 x 48" galvanized sheet of metal.  I purchased at Debbie Supply in East Rochester, NY - $11
Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint - $4.50
Liquid Nails, construction adhesive - previous project
Sanding block - 220 grit
Brush or Foam Brush
Trim Wood (optional)
Duct or Painters Tape
2 helpers

First, I made a level line on the surround.  I just eyeballed where I wanted the top of the sheet metal to go.  Then I had the kids hold the sheet metal while I squeezed a generous amount of liquid nails on the back.  Be careful, the metal can be sharp in areas and the liquid nails has a slight odor.  I then placed the sheet metal on the surround. Make sure to have your markings where you want it, once the liquid nails start to set up ... it's difficult to move.  I taped the top with duct tape to stabilize it while I rolled my hands down the metal to make sure that there were no air pockets.  I did this for about 5 minutes, to get it perfectly set.  Then I made sure that the metal was still level and let it be for 1 hour while I ate a bowl of chocolate almond ice cream!

After the metal set up for about an a hour, I lightly sanded it to "rough up" the texture, in order to accept the chalkboard paint.  I ran my hands across the metal to clean off any excess.  A normal person would just have used a cloth. 

Next step, paint.  I did 4 coats because of the metal.  If you were painting wood, I think that 2 coats would have been fine. 

Then, framework.  I had leftover molding from some of our recent home improvement jobs ... but I thought that it was a little too thick.  So I headed off to the store (Mr. 2nds) to pick up some more, thinner molding.  I picked a design that matches our crown/chair rail.  I got 14 feet for $5.60. 

So, off to the chop saw I went.  I just mitred a frame (19 x 48") to fit the outside edges of the Chalkboard.  Then I filled the nail holes, lightly sanded and painted (Eddie Bauer - Honeysuckle Bloom).  Before using, you have to prime the board by running the side of the chalk on the entire board.  Wash it off with a damp rag and dry. 

 And, the final step - Dress It Up! 

Finished product complete with artwork, magnets
 and Thanksgiving message!

So if you are looking for some chalkboard decor but you don't want to do it, check out these ladies, Yby5.  I had the pleasure of having a tent next to them at a recent art festival (Purple Painted Lady) and they were the best tent neighbors, with super cool chalkboard ideas.  They are Estate Sale-Upcycled-Recycled-Paint-it-up geniuses of everything past.  Their rehab'd pieces have a vintage lake style that is hard to pass up.  If you are in the area, they will be at the Cozy Up Sale this weekend in Lima, NY!  Good Luck Nicole and Carin.  I will keep my fingers crossed for dry weather! 

How about you - have you chalkboard painted anything lately?  I would love to hear about it ... better yet, see it!  Check out the Facebook page and post your latest project. 

Mrs. Williams Comment:  Mrs. G., I love this project and how you just casually throw words like "mitered" around.

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Um, I agree with Mrs. Williams.  Are you sipping lattes with Martha Stewart?  Next time though, I think you should make your own sheet metal.  I mean, ANYONE can BUY sheet metal.  I'm making a chalkboard but I used magnetic paint and I can already tell the magnets are not going to work well.  Wah Waah!  Should have read this first.  :)


Karry said...

Looks good!

Moe said...

Um, yeah..."just" and mitred are not two words that are allowed to be casually thrown together in a sentence like that, not for us mere mortals anyway. It makes my brain hurt just thinking about how to make those corners come together. Next thing we know, you're going to be telling us how you've whipped up a farmhouse-style dining table using reclaimed barnwood that you salvaged from some abandoned outbuilding, and how you decided to hand-turn some legs for the project. Mrs. Gosling, do you realize that I can barely use super-glue? No really, that's truer that you think. Oh well, it's people like me that allow people like YBY5 to run a business. You ladies amaze me.

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