Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Geo - what?

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls,

This fall our family became Geocachers.  Have you ever heard of geocaching?  It's an outdoor treasure hunting game.  Since we started, we've spent many afternoons with our smartphone in hand in search of treasures.  It's been a really great way to get outside and see new places and the best part, it's FREE.   

I was thinking that it might be fun to do this as an extended family while we're together on Thanksgiving.  I plan to suggest we all go geocaching right about when the kids are climbing the furniture, whining incessantly, and/or wrestling with their cousins.  I can hear the unanimous, "Yes," right now.  

Our first geocache hunt was on a Friday night in September (total, major DORKS).  But, we had so much fun (still dorky?).  Here's how our first geocaching hunt went down.  All we did to get started was download the free geocaching app on our smartphone.  Then, we read about Geocaching at this website.

Here's a quick overview:
  1. Sign up for a membership.
  2. Use the Geocaching app.  It will provide you with three treasures around your current location.
  3. Using the app, select a treasure.  You can read about the treasure (or cache) and hints about its location.
  4. Finally, select the treasure you'd like to find.  The app will guide you with a compass and map.
  5. Once you find the treasure you can hit the "found it" button.

First, we gathered together some trinkets that we could stick inside the cache in exchange for whatever we took out of it.
Potential cache prizes.
Then, we selected a treasure to find and started driving using the map.  I'd consider this part the most dangerous.  Picture me excitedly yelling, "Turn now.  Oh, you missed it.  Turn around quick.  OK, now, turn now!"  A little crazy driving in the name of geocaching!

Once we were within hundreds of feet of the cache, we started walking.

It wasn't long until we were within ten feet.  This is sort of when our app failed us.  It doesn't ever really get you right on top of the treasure.  So, there's some hunting involved.

My youngest son found it.

We couldn't wait to get that baby open.

There were toys and a logbook inside.  My oldest son did the signing in on the logbook.

Then, in exchange for the toy we took, we added another treasure.
What is this thing, anyway?
Finally, we put the cache back in its hiding space and headed home to another Geocache site.  Oh yeah, a Friday night filled with Geocaching!

I'm hoping we're going to have a Thanksgiving filled with Geocaching, too.  I mean, what could be more fun that walking through the woods in search of a bobble head with my in laws?

Gotta go, treasures await,

Mrs. Gosling comment:  While you are Geocaching this Turkey Day ... can you find the rocks with $$$ under them, then deliver to my hizouzzzzzz!  I will be eternally grateful!  I LOVE Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Thank you for explaining this to me.  I've wanted to do this and I think this weekend will be the perfect time (yay for mild temps!).    Maybe I'll see you?

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David said...

Um, that's a Millenium Falcon (the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs) with a Han Solo bobble head on top, of course. (Now who's the dork?) The fact that that was the treasure makes me want to do this NOW.

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