Monday, November 5, 2012

My Heroes - A Day at the Fire House

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls,

Today I'd like to give a shout out to some of my heroes: fire fighters.  In light of the recent events with Sandy, I am reminded again just how amazing they are.  This isn't news to you, but they save people.  And on a much lighter note, they've even saved us...from a funky smell in our house.  Here's how it went down.  

We were brand new to our current house.  A few days in, I noticed a funky/toxic-ish smell.  I sniffed everywhere and I couldn't find the source.  I was beginning to suspect a gas leak, so I called the fire department...more for advice than anything else.  I certainly didn't want to bother them.  Well, it turns out that you can't say something like, "maybe it's gas," without setting a few fire trucks in motion.  I'm telling you, as soon as I said those three words, I could hear the sirens going.  Girls, they were on their way.  What were our new neighbors going to think?  A few minutes later they were here in fancy gas suits investigating the house.  It turns out, there was a gas leak.  They saved us.  And the neighbors?  Well, they were all lined up outside checking us out...great first impression.

So, like I said, I appreciate our fire fighters everyday.  However, there is one day a year that I love them even more...the day when they open all their garage doors and host an open house.  
It combines all my favorite things:  it's free, my boys are happy, and there's doughnuts.  Thanks firefighters!
Checking out the boots.

He's practicing driving to save a family from a gas leak, I think.

Very hands on.

Who doesn't love a little dress up?

A fire house themed bounce house...what will they think of next?

Fire hose practice.

Yikes.  That's high.
Thanks fire fighters for saving people, for the family fun at the Open House, and of course, for the doughnuts,
You're the best,

Mrs. Gosling comment:  I love everything about this post!  The pictures, the humor, the doughnuts ... but more importantly, the sincere message that you are sending.  You are right, in the wake of this past week's events, it is so important to support and praise our local and nationwide 1st responders.  Thank you for ALL that you do and ALL that you will continue to do.  Whether it's saving Mrs. W and her family from a potential danger or saving another family, everyday you are appreciated.  Thank you and be safe! 

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Heroes and doughnuts and big trucks and bounce houses and hoses?  That's better than Disney.  Love the pictures.  And yes, thank you to all first responders.  They rock.  By the way, you do know that Brian Williams was a volunteer firefighter right?  Of course you do.


amyecolburn said...

My husband is a fire fighter, and so I know first hand how courageous and selfless they really are. It's not just a stereotype! Thankfully, you called about the smell. Thankfully you are OK! Gas is nothing you want to mess around with. When in doubt, always call. The firefighters love to help: you are NEVER, ever inconveniencing them by calling.

Naptime Notebook said...

Hi Amy! Big thanks to your hubby. You're right. They ARE courageous and selfless..but so are their families! So, thank you too.

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