Monday, November 26, 2012

Store Crashing for Holiday Inspiration

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey girls,

You know how I've mentioned my aunt before?  I bet I can refresh your memory with one word....haystack.  Well, her creativity and hard work has not faded through the years.  In fact, these days she, along with two of her friends, have a beautiful shop called Hapinstance in Tipp City, Ohio. Throughout the year they fill their store with beautiful furniture, clothing, children's items, and anything for the home.  During the winter, their store is transformed into a winter wonderland filled with all the best decorations for the season.  

This year was no exception.  My cousin, who helps with the store design, was kind enough to send along some photos from the town's Yuletide Winters Gathering event.  I thought I'd share them with you.  I find them super inspiring.  I hope you will too.

Check out this fun tablescape.  The ladies at Hapinstance used a punch of yellow and a brighter green.  They skipped right over the traditional red and evergreen and created something new and totally unexpected.  

Beautiful, right?

What's cuter in this picture?  The place card holder or the name Finn?
Oh, and here's a great idea.  Gather up some mini wreaths and hang them on the art you already have around your house.  Love it.  Gonna get some.

Might need some of these pretty tins on the wall too.

Hey, Mrs. K., this idea is for you.  See that cute elf?  It's hung on a ribbon wrapped around the tree with mini-clothespins.  I know you love those little clothespins.  Here's another great way to use them.

Want a simple way to dress up a table or a place for all those ornaments that have lost their hooks over the years?  Simple, stick them in a bowl.  I am totally doing this!

Love those funky green ornaments!

Oh, and check out how the ladies had fun combining the colors turquoise and silver throughout the store.  Love these ideas.  

See the white music balls?  My cousin made these with a styrofoam ball and ripped up sheet music.  To make them she watered down Elmer's glue, soaked the music strips in the glue, wrapped them around the ball, pinned the papers in place, and removed the pins when it was all dry.

Another basket o' ornaments.

There was even turquoise and silver in the window display this year.
And finally, here's how the store looked on the night of the event.  
There are 6 windows all together.  To create the icy blue backdrop, my cousin painted 9 x 12 drop cloths with watered down house paint.  She used three different colors to create an ombre effect.  The garland is made from scraps of fabric and icicle lights hung from binding tape.

Look, they even hung pictures on the back of the armoire behind the chair.  Smart.  I love the driftwood garland on the tree too, and the dog sculpture, and the sailboats, and the leather chair, and the...OK, I'll stop now.

Here are the ladies behind all this Christmas magic (left to right):  Jen,  Jetta, 
Sarah (my cousin), Marilyn (my aunt), and Suzan
Makes you want to go to 32 E. Main Street in Tipp City, Ohio right now. Road trip anyone?

Thanks for the tour and ideas Hapinstance,

P.S.  If you saw something that you can't live without in these photos, you can call the store at (937) 506-8405, email them at, or check out their facebook page.

Mrs. Gosling Comment:  Mrs. W - your family and crew are a stylish bunch.  No wonder their shop is so put together.  I really like the place card holder and the name Finn!  Road trip?

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Um, I want to live in that store.  So much eye candy.  I love that rug! I also love the elves and the mini-clothespins, the wreaths, the little chalkboard labels and the numbers!  Thank you for sharing!!  I'm feeling the Christmas spirit!  Also, did they color coordinate for their photo shoot or do they just always look put  together and match?!

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