Friday, November 9, 2012

Writing Letters - Thank You Military!

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly
Here is a post I wrote in the spring.  I thought it would be appropriate to re-post today given that we are so close to Veteran's day.  I am thankful for our military!

Hi Girls - 

Have you noticed that thank you letters have become somewhat of a lost art?  I would like to start a movement to reinstate thank you notes.  I want my children to learn the importance of thanking people and also get in the habit of acknowledging their blessings.  Besides, who doesn't love getting a letter in the mail?  There is something so beautiful about a handwritten note. 

Since spring is a time for being thankful I decided we should write a thank you letter to one of our service members overseas.  My brother is in the military so it is something I hold near and dear.  I imagine there is an abundance of letters during the holidays but the supply probably wanes during the spring.  We are so grateful for our military and their service and sacrifice; why not send a letter and say so?   In addition, it is literacy month.  The best way to encourage reading and writing is to do it.  Write a letter! 

I talked to my kids about writing a letter to a soldier.   I said they were people helping us stay safe and protecting us.  These people, I told them, are away from their families. Here is a snippet of our conversation: 

Me:  Maybe we could write a letter to some of our military members and thank them for helping protect us. 
Professor:  Yea, but who are they protecting us from? 
Me:  Well, sometimes there are people in the world that make bad choices and want to harm us.
Professor:  Are they like bullies?  Did you know there can be boy and girl bullies? 
Me:  Yes. 
Professor:  Why are bullies mean?  Why are people mean, mom? Me:  I don't know. 
Professor:  Well, what should we say to the people away from their families? 
Me:  I don't know.  You could tell them about you.  You could draw something.  Like a flag, maybe? 
Professor:  Yea, maybe I could draw an Italian flag.  They'd probably love that. 

Probably!  My son loves geography and flags, hence the Italian flag reference.  Here are the actual drawings they made:

Then after we made pictures we wrote a letter.  Here is the letter we wrote (as narrated by my five-year old with input from his three-year old sister):
Dear Military Member,
We love you because you keep us safe.  Do you miss your family?  We hope you don't cry.  If we were overseas we would miss our family.  We live in Pittsford (New York).    Is the desert really hot?  I think it is because it is close to the equator.  What do you like to eat?  I like to eat chicken and broccoli and french fries and pepperoni pizza.  I hope you don't get too hot or sun burned.  You're in the Middle East.  I live in the United States.  They're really far (apart).  We hope you come back soon and stay safe.  If you get scared just be brave.  Think about butterflies and dragonflies and cool things like sharks and dolphins and Spider Man and frogs. Thank you .  We love you.
Love, Us

We will likely send our letters to someone we know who is deployed.  If you would like to send someone a letter check out the website I think it's great to send letters in general.  So if you know someone who is sick, or who is going through a rough time, or could just benefit from a cheerful note, get writing!

Always writing, 

Mrs. Williams Comment:  What a great idea and wonderful reminder for us all. Thank you!

Mrs. Gosling:  I love this idea and I love that you wrote exactly what your kiddies said.  It just goes to show that children, in their simplistic ways, get to the point everytime.  Thanks for sharing!  We can't wait to write out own letter! 


Helen@Courier Insurance said...

Thats a sweet and very admirable jesture I really love the way the letter tries to address the vain that they must be going trough everyday just making sure that we are safe and sound.

Naptime Notebook said...

Thanks Helen. It's a small gesture...but at least they know we are thinking of them!

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