Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Know What I Think of When I Think of Christmas...

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

...Bells.  Egg carton bells.

Hey girls, 

Does anyone besides my sister know the reference in the title of this post?  Hint: Saturday Night Live.

So about those bells...the other day we decided to make bell ornaments.  These are a variation of an ornament I made years ago as a child.  Mine were made circa 1983 with tin foil and a pipe cleaner.  Our updated version was inspired by the Hapinstance Christmas post.  I loved those music spheres!  

First we started with an egg carton...because it was on the counter and it was free.

Then I went to this website and printed out a free vintage looking copy of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."  I printed two sheets.

We cut up our egg carton into little, well, bells.

Then my daughter helped me cut the music into little paper strips.  Fine motor skills...woohoo.

I broke out my container of mod podge.  
We had a brush, but you don't need one.  

We threw some modpodge into a bowl and soaked the strips one at a time.  We ran our fingers over the strips to get the excess 'podge off.  Then we fastened the strips onto the carton bells.  It was pretty intense crafting.  And by intense I mean sloppy.

Hmm.  Guess which one my daughter made.  It's the fun of it!

Once these bells were dry, I used a pencil to poke holes through the top.  This is a job for mom and not the kiddos.

Then I took green ribbon and little jingle bell.  I fished the ribbon through the bell (you'll need a small ribbon for this and even then, it's a little tricky to thread it through).  Then I fished both ends of the ribbon through the hole (bottom side) of the bell.

Our finished bells looked like this:

I thought these would be sweet as an embellishment to a gift wrapping or simply hung on the tree.  We are a musical bunch so the musical notes were perfect.

Break out the bells...


Also, I want to be a Puppini sister.  Or at least a Sweeney Sister.  Thanks to the ladies over at Hapinstance for the inspiration!

Laughing all the way,

Mrs. Gosling comment:  I will take Michael Buble's voice wrapped up in one of those bells.  I love this idea because of the music notes, very festive.  You could also make a mantle banner out of these (translation:  make one for me and drop it off this week). You could even place one of those on a hostess gift????  I think that I will wrap our bells with the newspaper sports section!

Mrs. Williams comment:  Super fun idea Mrs. K.  I love how you just printed off the music for the craft.  You surprised me in your music choice though...I thought for sure you were going to cover them in Jingle Bells.

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