Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Christmas Shopping List - 20 Things I'm Loving in Rochester

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey girls,

admit, I like to shop.  I feel lucky to live in such a great place and love to honor my hometown when I can.  I thought it would be fun to put together a local wish list.  Because, if Oprah can put together her list of favorite things then I should too.  Right?

If you don't live in Rochester, then you should probably move here.  If you can't though, you can find many of these things online or hopefully some comparable items in your town!  I tried to keep the items on this list under $50.


1.  Milk from the Pittsford Dairy.  Huh?  Yea, you heard me right.  I feel like we should kick it up a few notches for Santa.  I want fresh milk (and cookies) for the big guy and also, I really adore this milk container.  One of the local restaurants uses them as water carafes.  I also think it would be pretty with some fresh pines and berries.    If you don't live in Rochester, check out your local dairy.  Or for your non-Rochesterians, this polka dot milk bottle from Fishs Eddy is really cute.

While I'm at the dairy, I'm picking up nog too.  The Pittsford Dairy has the best egg nog!


2.  This happy card print from AbbyDora Design.  I would frame this and put it in one of the kids' rooms!
christmas mitten pic
Set of 6 for $12.50

3.  Chew beads necklace from Parkleigh.  I love a chunky necklace but even better, a non-toxic chunky necklace (my baby can gnaw on) that I can get giftwrapped at Parkleigh!
Bracelets start around $12.50 and necklaces around $30. 
4.  Headbands and Bibs.  Ok, they will hurt me for adding them.  But, my partners in crime both own local businesses.  These headbands, or Betty Bands, (by Mrs. Williams) are awesome because they are not elastic.  They fasten with velcro which means they don't hurt and they stay fastened.  Genius.  Also, they come in cool, mod patterns.    Speaking of patterns, check out Mrs. Gosling's shop Tumble Bumble Tots for bibs.  I love these bibs!  They are so hip and functional all at once.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite.  And, did I mention they wash beautifully?

Just $12 and the shipping is FREE!

These are from my personal collection.  $8 per bib or 3 for $21.50!
5.  I'm digging these earrings by Loudee's. Fun and dainty (it's like I described myself)!  Also, check out the pearls for $15!  So sweet.

6.  A cutting board from the Generosity Store.  These wooden boards are handmade and the proceeds benefit School of the Holy Childhood and Golisano Children's Hospital.  Win and win.  I think these would make great hostess gifts.  I'd like mine with a big brick of cheese, thank you very much.
Small board shown is $15; Larger boards available for $20.

7.  Speaking of cheese...what goes better with cheese than wine?  You know I love Pittsford Wines.   I'll take a bottle of Malbec wrapped in their signature purple and green.  And maybe a stop into Via Girasole for some appetizers to go with that wine.

8.  This calendar from Pistachio Press.  I bought my sister their calendar last year!  This year I framed one of their prints for her.  

Calendar $28.00

9.  Stever's Chocolates has Rochester themed chocolate?  Uh, yes please.  Also they have chocolate letters and numbers for $1.79 a piece.  I think it would be cool to use a letter/number as a tag on your wrapped gift!  Ok, on my wrapped gift.   

10.  Country Sweet BBQ Sauce.  I might get some haters here...I love Dinosaur BBQ too but my husband spent many lunch periods driving to Country Sweet with his high school friends.  He introduced me to the CS sauce and now, I admit, I love it!  Awesome stocking stuffer. 

country sweet

11.  City Dining Cards.  You can buy these online or at Parkleigh.  If you don't live in Rochester, check and see if your city offers something similar!  We don't get out much but my younger, hipper self would LOVE this as a gift.  It's like giving the gift of appetizers...ten dollars off every meal.  That artichoke dip is on ME.
$20 for a deck!

12.  Wegmans Hauler Truck.  If you're not from Rochester, you might be unfamiliar with Wegmans.  It's the grocery store of grocery stores (watch Alec Baldwin talk about it here).  So many of my friends who have moved away still hold Wegmans near and dear. I think this truck would be fun for kids but I also think this would be cool in an office.  If you ever worked at a Wegmans (my husband and sister both did) or have a Rochester connection or a fondness for amazing grocery stores, go get a hauler truck (available at select Wegmans stores for $19.99).

wegmans hauler

13.  Memberships.  Hey, if someone wants to pay for my membership to Oak Hill Country Club, I'm ok with that.  But in the meantime, I'm talking about the zoo or the museum or even BJ's Wholesale.  We received a zoo membership last year for a Christmas present and it was great for our family!  We were able to go whenever we wanted and best of all, we didn't have to feel guilty if we needed to leave.  Love the idea of memberships for a family!

14.  Almond Kuchen from Jackson's Bakery in Greece, New York.  I have been known to drive thirty minutes for these!  For Christmas morning, give yourself a break and pick up one of these babies (call ahead though).  They're AMAZING!  

15.  A tote bag from Etsy seller Hey Buddy.  I bought this Kodak one at a local craft show called Second Storie. 
photo (77)

I love it.  Kodak is a part of my hometown.  My grandfather worked there. And most people my age know someone, be it friend or family member, that was once employed by the golden company!   
Similar totes available on Etsy for $7.00

16.  When in doubt, a cooler of Genny Cream Ale and Zweigle White Hots.  If you're not from Rochester, you might be scratching your head right now.  The Genesee Brewery was founded in Rochester, New York.  Also, Zweigle's Hot Dogs are made here.  They make both red AND white hot dogs.  

17.  Knitwear from Duncan Creative.  If you need a funky hat or knitted good, check out Duncan Creative.  If I had four boys (AHEM, Mrs. Gosling, I'm looking at you) I would get these four hats:
$18 per hat!

18.  Kazoos from Camp Good Days - At a dollar a piece they make a great stocking stuffer and support a worthy cause.  My mom is a teacher and buys these every year for her class.  Look for them at your local malls Rochesterians.  Or, check their website for a direct contact!

19.  Hand Stamped Necklaces from Enchanted Rose Garden in Penfield, New York.  They start around $27.  I like the simple initial necklaces but you can customize!  

20.  Tickets - To Geva, or an Amerks game, or the LPGA tournament, or the Little, or the Auditorium or a local high school show.  As Clark Griswold said in Christmas Vacation, "It's all about the experience."  

You could be off to catch Geva's production of A Christmas Carol
Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many great local stores and artisans.  I could keep going but instead, I'll keep shopping and trying to find more ways to be like Oprah.

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Williams:  
21.  Abbott's gift I can dream of summer days enjoying some Chocolate Almond Custard on a cone

Mrs. Gosling:  
22. Ah yes, on the Abbott's chocolate almond
23.  Country Sweet - AMAZING.  But I do have to go Dino BBQ on this one.  I know that it did originate in Syracuse, NY (my man's hometown) but it's just as big in Rochester.  I like to cook with it (and order out) because all the men in the house over-eat and then sleep like babies.  Quiet night for Mrs. G.  Done and Done!  Great list Mrs. K!!!!


Jaime and Ryan said...

#16 please and thank you! What a great way for me to relive some of my Rochester favorites and learn some new ones! I recently heard you can order Rochester plate sauce online...just sayin'. Oh, And you know the Kazoos made me laugh! :)

Naptime Notebook said...

There's got to be a place down south that sells Do you know that I, Mrs. Kelly, have never had a garbage plate? Life long Rochester resident. For shame.

Jaime and Ryan said...

Well I know our first stop when I come up to visit you - Nick Tahou's it is Mrs. Kelly!! :) How is it I have experienced this Rochesterian gastronomical delicacy, yet you have not? We must remedy this situation ASAP!! 2 Garbage plates, comin' up!

Moe said...

Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Goldman, include me in that adventure to NT's on our next trip home. Did I ever tell you how I took my in-laws there on their one and only visit to Rochester when their son and I were engaged? I'm pretty sure their sweet southern selves have never felt more out of place or more unsure of what to do with a plate of food. It probably did not help that there was yellow crime tape out on the sidewalk in front of the building.

But anyway, terrific list. Only downside is that it makes me homesick, especially because I've lived in four different cities since moving away from the Rochester area almost 15 years ago, and I've never found a store in any of those cities that carries Zweigle's. It makes me want to cry to think that my children are growing up without white hots and Abbott's in their lives. They'd cry too if they knew what they are missing.

Nicole said...

Maureen, do you have a Harris Teeter? Zwiegles grace their hot dog case :)
Great list Mrs. Kelly! I'd take all 20 things, any day.

Moe said...

No Harris Teeters here in Richmond. :( Closest one is in the Norfolk/Va Beach area, I think. I do get down there every once in a while, though, so I'll check next time I'm in that neck of the woods. Thanks for the heads up!

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