Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Tree Jute Ribbon Bunting

Passing notes today:  Mrs. G.

Hey ladies -
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches!

Yes, I have been singing this for weeks now ..... I can't help it.  Having a freshly cut tree in the house brings out the "broadway" in me.  Well, er ... not really.  But I love Christmas. 

This year especially, I feel extra warm and fuzzy because we welcomed our fourth healthy and happy baby boy.  A huge sigh of relief came over me after he was born.  Not only because I knew I would never have to go through childbirth again (sorry babes, but it's not easy getting you into this world) but mostly because I felt complete.  Our family was all here, to enjoy life and start our journey as a team.  So naturally, I was so excited to take our team and cut down our tree this year (and by "cut down" I mean, hubby on the ground with 3 small boys sitting on his legs, cheering him on).  We came, we cut, we conquered.  If you are looking for a local place to go, check out last week's post.

The tree made the 10 mile drive home and in the living room it went.  We started decorating...I keep it old school when it comes to the ornaments.  I use the same ones every year.  I keep the expensive ones up top, away from little fingers and swinging dogs' tails.  I always put the glass ones directly in front of a light and hope that they don't come crashing down.  But this year and this year only, I have decided to omit something I have always done--adding red bows.  I picked up the bow trick from my mother.  I think that she always put these on as "fillers."  We usually had more tree than ornaments growing up and she wanted the tree to look full.  I started doing the same thing when we got married, but this year I mixed it up ....... REBEL!  This year I made a jute ribbon bunting to wrap around the tree.  I drew inspiration from Miss Mustard Seed's recent post about burlap and all it's glory. 

Here's what I came up with:

jute garland

Do you like? 
Here is how I did it:

Gather supplies (jute ribbon, trim ric rac, cutting mat, rotary cutter, scissors and sewing machine). I freehanded the triangles, I wanted them to have that Laura Ingalls-not-so-perfect-someone-just-loomed-the-jute-ribbon-look.  Translation:  not the same size.  After I was done cutting them I sewed them onto the ric rac.  36 feet in total.  This took about 20 minutes from start to finish. 
Other suggested supplies that won't fray:  felt, burlap, fleece, tulle, duck cloth.  I used the glittery ric rac because I wanted a little bling, but any ribbon would work. It's a modern interpretation of those red bows!  

Do you have any family traditions that you have updated? 

Happy Bunting,

Mrs. Kelly Comment: That picture of your little guy under the tree is priceless.  Where did you get your jute ribbon?  I bought burlap ribbon at Michaels and wrapped it around my banister.  It gives a similar effect but because I'm sew-challenged I think it suffices.  Love your sweet garland of jute flags!  Good one team Gosling.  

Mrs. Williams Comment:  I always go ga-ga for garland!  Thanks for sharing such a fun idea.  



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