Monday, December 17, 2012

Etched Ornaments

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Mrs. G. and Mrs. K., 
When life gets crazy, like Xmas in less than ten days crazy, I like to get crafting.  So, I'm curious, are you in the mood to relieve some stress and make an etched monogram ornament in five really simple steps? 
There's an etched "B" on this ornament, can you spot it?

Step One:  Head to the craft store for supplies and pick up some:

  • Glass bulbs $2.99
  • Letter stickers $2.99
  • Armour Etch $12.99 (I used my 40% off coupon for this.)

Step Two:  Apply the letter "stencil."  
First of all, there are some fancy stencils that you can buy to use with the etching cream.  Since I wasn't sure how the cream would look, I decided to save a bunch of money and just buy stickers.  I'm sure the fancy stencils work better, but for me, the stickers worked great.

To create a sticker stencil, I just cut out the letter from the sticker sheet and removed the actual letter sticker, so that I had an outline of the letter.  It ends up being really narrow, so I just added tape to make the stencil wider.  Also, since it's a curved surface, it takes a little finagling (that's the first time I ever wrote the word finagling, oh, now my second time.)  Anyway, lay out your letter stencil where you want it on the ornament.

Step Three:  Apply Armour Etch
So, get this...this Armour Etch is some toxic stuff.  It even has a child-safety lock on the top.  Apparently it can like burn your skin off.  Don't I look smart applying it to the ornament with ungloved hands?  I did use my least favorite paintbrush and covered the surface that I was working over (yeah, Armour etch will eat through your table's finish too.)  While working with this highly toxic material, apply a really thick coat.

Step Four:  Wait
The directions say to wait two minutes.  However, my first attempt at this process ended with a barely visible letter.  So, I advise waiting ten minutes.  

Step Five:  Admire your work.
When the time is up, just wash off the excess etching cream and sticker.  I added a ribbon to hang the ornament, and that was it.

Also, I tried another design using the actual letter sticker.  I added stripes with tape and applied Armour Etch everywhere else. 

I'm thinking that these personalized ornaments would be a really fun addition on the top of a Christmas gift...or all on their own for that matter. 

Hope you're "hanging" in there - 


Mrs. Kelly Comment:  You definitely would be etching ornaments right before Xmas.  Are you building your own manger this year too?  Kidding!  Love the ornaments.  I like the striped one best.  I'll come etch ornaments with you as a stress reliever.  I'll bring a vat of eggnog too.  :)  

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