Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Decorating: Mrs. Gosling's Fireplace Mantle

Passing notes today:  Mrs. G

Happy Holidays ladies!

This past weekend, the family and I went to a local tree farm, Stokoe Farms.  This has been an annual tradition for quite sometime, to chop down the perfect tree.  Stokoe's is so much fun.  There is a petting zoo, 2 slides, a tractor, a shopping barn, FREE hot cocoa and cookies and Santa everywhere.  Aside from the goodies in the store, everything is Free.  We always head to the Fraser Fir section ... clearance.  The first couple years we paid full price because we thought that the discount section was damaged.  Well, it's not.  They are trees that Stokoe's is trying to clear, in order to plant new saplings in the spring.  This year, our tree only cost us $26 + tax.  YIPPY! 

To get the holiday spirit flowing in the house, we moved some furniture around, cleaned off the fireplace mantles, cleaned the cobwebs along the baseboards and started decorating.  Here is what we have so far:

Boring, right?  Not for long.  I decided to keep the right side vase on there.  It took me a while to find something tall enough to fill that area and the neutral colors that I was looking for.  You know what they say, if it ain't broke...

I have struggled with this fireplace and how to decorate it.  It's very large, which I wanted, but sometimes I have a hard time filling the space.  I have decided that instead of always trying to buy things to fit it, I will use what I have.  That was my goal with Holiday decorating this year.  Use what I have.  I usually go the "traditional" route with Christmas decorations.  I like to re-use items from years' past to keep cost down and I think that there is something nostalgic about traditional decor.  It makes me think of Christmas as a child. 

Before hubby set the tree in the stand, he cut off the bottom branches.  Two reasons:  For me to use in the decor and make way for presents Christmas morning.  After playing with the vignettes, this is what I came up with:

Branches from the Christmas tree, apothecary vases from Michaels, Marshalls and TJMaxx (already had), pinecones from last year, pictures of all my Christmas hunnies, inherited candlesticks from my Grandmother. I only had to buy the candy and poinsettia. 

And once I found the stockings (I am finishing the last 2 now ... such a slacker).  Here is the finished masterpiece.


Now, what to do with the tree?  I think I need a glass of sangria to think that one over.
Happy Trimming,

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Where does the portrait of Ryan Gosling go?  I like that you didn't spend any money. Simple chic.  I bet the room smells really good too.  "Little full...lotta sap."  :)

Mrs. Williams Comment:  So, Mrs. G., when you say that you are "finishing the last stockings," you mean cross-stitching them?  Impressive!  I especially love the hearts by the little ones' names.  Your mantle is beautiful!

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