Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Time

A Word from Mrs. Kelly:

This year we met the holidays with mixed emotions.  In our hometown of Rochester, we lost two firefighters on Christmas Eve.  We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by recent tragedies.  We wish for an end to all pain and suffering.

I hope my dear friend, Maureen Daniels (Mrs. Sedaris), will forgive me for using her words.  She posted the following message this week and it resonated with me:

"Despite all the recent reminders that humanity can be painful and our existence fragile, life is still good and beautiful." 

With that said, if you woke up to this:

...I hope your week involves DIY skills for building snowmen and making angels.  And I hope you take a moment to find something in your life that is still "good and beautiful."  


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