Friday, December 7, 2012

Master Bath EXTRAVAGANZA Sneak Peak 2

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continuation .....

If you are just checking in, (welcome) this post is part DEUX of the Master Bathroom remodel

Now that the purchasing is complete (sort of) and we are on our way to bathroom Utopia, here is how we got started.

Demo.  I wish that I could give you a step-by-step guide on how this went down but ..... well, there really isn't one.  I wasn't a part of most of this.  My hubby took the reins and tirelessly worked long nights/weekends to get the old bathroom removed and closet opened up.  Taking into account that there were usually 3 sleeping children, he would carefully break down the room (ie:  quietly hammering the tile and shower opposed to sledgehammering the bad boy away).  You know how you see the remodel shows on TV ...... with the get-up and huge sledgehammers.?  Well, that's not really practical, at least not for us.  We have found that it's easier to take your time, peeling away each layer like an onion.  This way you can control the mess, control the damage and remove everything without making the rest of your house a war zone.  Here are some shots:

Next, our carpenter joined us to jack up the garage 2" and start roughing in the plumbing.  This was essential to complete, so we knew exactly where to put the new closet wall.  Once the plumbing was in, hubby started rebuilding the wall (with the carpenters guidance of course).  It doesn't matter how old you get, it's always easier to "dive" in when you have a savvy vet to help you along the way.  Closet wall went up, insulation went in and drywall was attached. 

Then, the shower walls were framed out and the tub was set in a bed of mortar ... literally set in a bed of mortar.  Hubby and carpenter mixed up 2 bags of quick setting mortar and placed it where the soaker tub was going.  Then, they closed the door and told me to stay away.  24 hours later, I did the touchdown victory dance in the tub to make sure that it was stable.  Severely pregnant woman dancing in tub + no broken floor joists = set tub. 

Next, the electrician came in and ran the wire for the recessed lights and new lighting.  We drywalled and patched.  Worst part.  I'm over it.
On to cement board (floor and shower).  This was the time that I finally realized we were getting a new bathroom.  It's always exciting when you can close up the walls and start traveling down the road to a "dust free" room.  Mud, tape, mud, tape ......  SAND.  Like I mentioned in the previous bathroom remodel, this is an essential step.  It's really important to properly mud and tape all your joints.  It prevents the grout/tile from cracking. 

On to tiling.  Best part.  Don't get me wrong, I thought that I was going to go in to labor for most of this, but it was worth it.  I love the tiling process.  Living on the edge, hoping you don't chop your fingers off (Totally kidding .. I am terrified of that.  Best advice:  stay focused and always aware of your fingers.  You only have 10, keep them).  Stay tuned for tips on tiling. 

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Tile Then, 

Mrs. Williams Comment:  That tile...that niche...that space...yes, please!

Mrs. Kelly Comment: Oh man, the piles of crumbled tile gives me anxiety.  I can't wait to see the finished product!  

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Moe said...

Mrs. Kelly, I was thinking the same thing - "this isn't even my bathroom, and holy cow, that pile 'o tile makes me want to puke or cry."

But then I got over it, because that marble hex tile...swoon. I LOOOOOOVE it. Tile my whole house in that, please.

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