Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Simple Holiday Card Display

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls,

So, I'm pretty sure that my mailman thinks I'm nuts.  Actually, I kind of am nuts this time of year.  Sometimes I find myself getting totally wrapped up in the excitement of the holidays.  This excitement even spills over to my mailbox.  That's because it's the season of stamp mail and hearing from friends and family far and near and enjoying pictures of loved ones and tales from their year.  It's why I stalk my mailbox and practically snag the mail from my sweet mailman's hands before it lands in the box...and it's why I thought I'd share this quick way to display all the holiday card wonderfulness that's headed your way this holiday season too.

The supplies for this craft are an embroidery hoop (16 inch), 2 1/2 inch wide ribbon (if it has wire in it, your bow will look extra fancy), mini-clothespins, and hot glue.

To create the bow and ribbon that the card display hangs from, first I cut a 20 inch piece of ribbon, glued it onto the ring and then at the top where the two edges meet.

Then I created a bow with a separate piece of ribbon and glued that on to the hanging ribbon.  

 Then, it's just a matter of gluing the clothespins around the ring.

The only detail to mention when gluing the clothespins is to make sure to alternate the clippy part of the clip.  See how the clothespin clips up and then down?

When it comes to hanging it, I just take down an existing piece of art (AKA TJ Maxx find) and poke the nail through the top of the ribbon.  It looks like this (that's why I stalk the mailman to start filling it up.)

 So we can do more of this...

And end up with a display showcasing messages from all our favorite people.

Gotta go, I think I hear Andy's truck (that's our mailman, yes, we're on a first name basis these days),

Mrs. Kelly Comment:  Cute!  I also stalk my mailbox this time of year but I'm saddened to announce that I am not as close with my mail carrier.  I love displaying the cards.   They are like mini works of art these days.  I love seeing all the kiddos too.  Thanks for the idea!  And, you know I can't get enough of those mini-clothespins.  

Mrs. Gosling comment:  I really like your card display, it looked even cuter in person.  Also, that's a fine looking man you got there, in the corner!!!

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